Best Cheese Instagram Bios

Instagram bios are often overlooked as most people are only interested in posting stories and photos. You should definitely not leave your IG bio blank. Why don’t you write something about yourself, a pun or a joke?

As you browse Instagram regularly, you’ll notice that most people find cheesy Instagram bios or copy-paste from someone else. If you are unsure of your IG bio, you are in the right place.

Keep reading and you’ll find tips and tricks on how to make a funny, cheesy, cheesy Instagram bio that people will love.

General Instagram Bio Advice

Writing an Instagram bio is entirely up to you. Use your sense of humor and intelligence to get the most out of it. Jokes and puns are okay as long as they are not offensive to any individual or group. Humor is subjective and there is no way to learn how to be funny to everyone.

However, some people seem to lack a sense of humor and often resort to using other people’s ideas as inspiration. If you do, be sure to add your own twist to the joke and do it yourself without blatant copying.

It’s also important to think about your target audience, for example your followers on Instagram. Younger or older, what are his interests, what is popular in your circles? These are all critical things to consider when using Instagram, adding posts or writing your bio.

Instagram is a huge network with over a billion monthly users and is constantly growing. If you’re funny enough, you can quickly become famous on Instagram. Remember that the best Insta bio is a short Insta bio. You only have 150 characters to write about yourself, which is a few short sentences.

with cheese

What does IG Bios do?

Since your options are limited and you can’t write an essay in your bio, it’s best to break it up into smaller sections and add all the necessary sections. People have short attention spans these days, and even if you write thousands of words in your bio, no one will read it.

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The bios is often omitted after you’ve already followed someone. They only attract attention on the first contact with a user on Instagram, when you follow each other. Of course, people who view your profile regularly will still see your bio.

It’s not a bad idea to change your bio from time to time, but you can stick with one if you find it funny, inspiring, or if it suits you. Successful people on Instagram always change their bios, constantly updating their latest achievements, sponsorship deals, etc. Adds links.

Segment Your IG Bio

Speaking of content in your bio, you should consider breaking it up into smaller sections. Here are some items you might find useful for structuring your IG bio.

Start your bio up close and personal. You want people visiting your profile to recognize you and attract their attention. It wouldn’t hurt to talk a little about yourself, and already at the beginning, you can add a cheesy pun or joke if you want.

If you’re using IG for business, feel free to promote your projects and other social media outlets right after the personal quote. It’s not a bad idea to add your contact as well as your email address.

Finally, the powerful IG bios have a call to action. This call-to-action can be anything, for example, “Read this article!” Use imperative and be determined. You don’t have to be bossy to people around, though. Something along the lines of “Enjoy your life to the fullest” is a mild example of a call to action.

Cheesy Instagram Bio Ideas

Now that we’ve covered the theory, let’s see how it actually works. A cheesy part of your bio can be the intro or out of your bio. This is usually the best way to do it, but many people only have a cheesy quote in their bio.

If you’re just using IG for fun, it’s okay to make your entire bio cheesy. Large companies also often act cheesy on social media, trying to get their customers’ attention. Here are some cheesy bio ideas (feel free to copy them):

  1. Actually, Tom Cruise looks like me, not the other way around.
  2. If it wasn’t for coffee, I would have been dead long ago.
  3. I just look sweet because I eat a lot of sugar. I’m actually very grumpy.
  4. Time is not wasted if you enjoy spending it.
  5. Work hard, play hard, die hard.
  6. Eat, sleep, that’s all.
  7. I am a successful comedian. Everywhere I go people laugh at me.
  8. We live in dark times, trying to be someone’s rainbow.
  9. I’m a bit of a bad boy/girl. I cried for only five minutes when I hurt my finger.
  10. I am single by choice.
  11. Put on some makeup and show them what you are.
  12. I am funny, smart, handsome and above all very humble.
  13. Do you want sunset and cooling off? Netflix is ​​overrated.
  14. The camp is actually very intense.
  15. I care a lot about the environment. I drink beer instead of water.
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Mac and Cheese

I hope this article helps you find inspiration for your cheesy IG bio quote. You can look for more cheesy quotes online, but it’s better to find your own. Don’t think too much about it though. Even if you fail, you can quickly delete your bio and write a new one whenever you want.

What does your IG bio say? Cheese or not? Let us know in the comments section below.