According to Adobe’s Social Intelligence Report, Tumblr Number 1 in social sensitivity for brands. not only him but 70 percent A percentage of users say the Tumblr board is their favorite place to spend time online.

over 200 million active blogs with 80 million posts every day on TumblrOur brand has a great opportunity to reach an engaged audience. But that kind of volume also means you have to find ways to stand out from the crowd. Read on to learn how best to advertise on Tumblr to benefit your business and reach new customers.

Tumblr marketing guide

Sponsored Posts

Tumblr’s Sponsored Posts are ads that appear on users’ dashboards but retain the look and feel of organic content. For example, television network FX has developed a Tumblr Sponsored Posts campaign to promote its new shows. They created “Editorial content including GIFs, illustrations and original photos aligned with the brand’s messaging strategy.”

The campaign was successful and FX’s follower count increased 86 percent and participation rates are rising 2.8 percent—32 percent above industry averages.

As Tumblr explains, Sponsored Posts work because “brands are welcomed as creators with content that users want to see.” Sixty percent of users People who see a Sponsored Post report who finds the content entertaining, engaging, and of high quality. From consumers who see Sponsored Posts, 70 percent As a result, they say they perceive the associated brand more positively. More than half Some of the Tumblr audience took action and then continued to search for the sponsor.

Love Advertising options on other social media platforms, Sponsored Posts can be targeted with parameters such as gender, location, and user interests. They can also partner with Yahoo for greater visibility and reach.

To create and share engaging Tumblr posts:

  • Consider your audience carefully: Account for millennials 69 percent So create content that resonates with that demographic. Pay attention to what they post and reblog to get an idea of ​​what they find interesting. Check out our post Marketing to Millennials: Why Your Content Should Reflect Your Values for more tips on connecting with this group.
  • Answering the questions: Tumblr’s “Ask” function is a great place for customers to ask questions and share concerns. Take the time to answer these questions regularly and share interactions on your Tumblr page. Not only will you provide excellent customer service, you’ll save your business time by avoiding answering the same question over and over.
  • Understand the label: Tags—Tumblr’s version of hashtags—allow users who don’t follow your blog to find your content. Use tags relevant to your industry and accurately describe the post.
  • Cross-promote your content: There is clear similarities between Instagram and Tumblr, which makes the platforms ideal for cross-promotion. Share your best visual content on both platforms to reach a wider audience.
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Sponsored Video Posts

As Tumblr explains, Sponsored Video Posts offer:local video In the same Sponsored Post format you know and love for web and mobile.” Sponsored Video Posts offer targeting options just like Sponsored Posts, but with additional analytics capabilities for views, carousels and engagement.

Sponsored Video Posts automatically play on users’ Tumblr Boards for greater visibility and the player accompanies the user as they scroll down the page.

Maynards Canada used Sponsored Video Posts and regular Sponsored Posts to promote their new line of confectionery. Maynard Beans. Used company tag with videos #where are you beanz to increase awareness and recognition.

The campaign has paid off 1.6x increase in brand awarenessIncreases ad recall by 10X and purchase intent by 2.13X. “Autoplay video keeps users engaged even if they swipe past. Maynards’ campaign demonstrates the importance of including video in your ad campaign to reach users who aren’t actively engaged with content on their dashboard,” Tumblr said.

To use the video in your brand’s paid and organic Tumblr marketing efforts:

  • Consider mobile audiences. Your videos need to be optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing. A mobile audience is most likely watching in portrait, so try to shoot your videos in portrait mode whenever possible.
  • Add a CTA. An effective call to action can increase purchase intent by: 14 percent and increase the likelihood that viewers will recommend your brand by: 11 percent Check out our blog post for tips on writing transforming CTAs How to Write Effective CTAs on Social Media: A Guide for Marketers.
  • Consider your tone. Just like your regular Tumblr posts, video posts need to be created with a younger audience in mind. Tumblr says “comedy ads” among millennials 50 percent more brand awareness, Dramatic ads drive 33 percent higher brand affinity, and informative ads drive 31 percent higher purchase intent.”

Sponsored Day

Tumblr’s Sponsored Day option offers a unique advertising opportunity. According to Tumblrpurchase intent and ad recall were twice as high among users who saw a Sponsored Day campaign than among those in a control group.

With this type of campaign, Tumblr allows a brand’s logo and slogan to be pinned to the top of all users’ dashboards for 24 hours. This links to a freely dominated tab for sharing curated content on the Explore page (one of the most visited pages on the network). Aspect Tumblr explains“Whatever story your brand wants to tell, you have a piece of the Dashboard to tell it.”

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Nike became the first brand to run a Sponsored Day ad spot as part of its #betterforit campaign promoting a new line of women’s training gear. David Hayes, Tumblr’s Head of Creative Strategy, explains with Sponsored Days: “The brand can also curate loads of content from the community. Inside [Nike’s] in the case of women’s fitness, the content may come from the community or from the brand’s own blog.”

To edit the content of a Sponsored Day campaign:

  • Follow your industry. Pay attention to what leaders in your industry share and interact with. Follow relevant trends to find and share content your audience will find valuable. Mix this content with your brand’s original content for an engaging and dynamic page.
  • Reblog community posts. Follow your customers and other interested Tumblr users and reblog their content. This not only provides you with new content, but also shows appreciation for your audience.
  • Celebrate with themed content. When announcing a new product or celebrating a store opening, you can curate Tumblr content to recognize these events. Consider how all your content will work with a visual theme, and make sure you don’t post anything that will spoil the aesthetic.

our article Tumblr for Business: Advanced Techniques in Content Editing Provides more tips and tricks for creating effective stories with campaigns and posts.

analytics and measurement

Tumblr’s Advertiser Analysis tool provides a complete solution to monitor and measure your brand’s success with paid campaigns.

To access Advertiser Analytics while running a paid campaign Analytical The tab located on the right side of your Control Panel.

Once in the Advertiser Analytics section, you can access data such as:

  • Blog ViewIt gives you an overview of how your paid and organic Tumblr content is performing.
Picture via Tumblr
  • Campaign Viewallows you to monitor ad performance based on ad engagement rates, Cost-Per-Engagement (CPA) and impressions

  • Post ViewIt provides insight into the performance of individual posts based on clicks, likes, reblogs, and impressions.

While you can see key engagement metrics like likes and reblogs with your organic content, there are currently no free posts or in-depth analytics options for your blog in general. This is where Google Analytics comes in handy.

Google Analytics provides a comprehensive measurement solution for all your Tumblr efforts. With Google Analytics, you can measure:

  • Number of blog visitors
  • visitor frequency
  • Your most popular posts
  • Search terms people use to find you
  • Where your visitors come from
  • And more

For more information on how to use Google Analytics with your Tumblr strategy, see Tumblr’s guide here.

Tumblr is a powerful social network, but when used correctly. Focus on your target demographic and create engaging paid and organic content with them in mind.

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