About to adopt WhatsApp passkeys and make passwords even older

site today WABetaInfo It lets us know that Meta is in the process of implementing passkey support on its flagship messaging app, WhatsApp. According to our source, “latest update WhatsApp Beta for Android one available on the Google Play Store indicates that WhatsApp is working on passkey support. Excellent news for users, both in terms of ergonomics and safety.

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Mother advantage of passkeys is that they invalidate passwords. How many times have you forgotten your credentials and had to follow the reset procedure? Most of the time no doubt and this is where this new authentication technology will make all the difference.

WhatsApp will increase security by accepting passkeys

Because passwords use your fingerprint, face or screen lock to verify your identity, ” security is significantly increasedAdds an extra layer of protection over traditional methods like PINs. Moreover, secure storage of security keys in password manager Google guarantees easy access while maintaining strong protections against unauthorized access.

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Among other new features, WhatsApp lets you talk to your correspondent without having to open them. Indeed, voice chats allow you to talk to your contacts without having to call them. The company also introduced screen sharing during video callsA tool that lets you share documents and photos, plan vacations together, shop online, and even give presentations like you do on Zoom.

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