75 Hashtags for Your 4th of July Independence Day Celebration

Christmas may seem like yesterday, but this weekend we celebrate Independence Day, the hottest holiday of summer. From cookouts and barbecues to pool parties and fireworks, there’s no shortage of things to do on one of our favorite holidays of the year, the Fourth of July.

Between delicious food, fun times with friends, and a day off from work, it’s a great time to celebrate the 4th of July, whatever you choose to do. And given the sheer number of events held each year—parades, parties, get-togethers at local parks, and annual fireworks displays—there will be plenty of events and events to choose from.

What makes Independence Day special is the social aspect of the holiday. Sure, most other events and holidays throughout the year have photogenic moments, but between cooking, summer sun, swimming and beach parties, and fireworks at night, there are plenty of opportunities for photos and hugely popular social media posts. . Although this year’s celebrations are a little different, there is still no reason not to showcase your photos.

Whether you want to share your content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr, almost every social network, with the minor exception of Snapchat, uses hashtags as a way to share social posts with a wider audience than your followers. Hashtags make it easier for people to find your content and also help you find your posts months later by searching for the appropriate hashtag. This is the evolution of “tags” on early websites and certain posts, and it makes sense to use them to your advantage.

But more importantly, a hashtag can tell a story. Whether you’re on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, messages and meanings can be hidden from tags, offering everything from basic meanings to inside jokes. It’s important to choose your hashtags carefully for the Fourth of July, and that’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide you with the best we can think of for Independence Day. Let’s dive right in.


No matter how many hashtags you actually add to a post, you’ll want to start with some basic content, short hashtags that allow you to flag the post without being too specific. Of course, basic hashtags have many pros and cons: they need to be found via the basic search functionality on Instagram and Twitter, but since everyone else uses the same hashtags, it can force your photo or post to get mixed up. with the crowd. It’s important to use a good mix of basic and specific hashtags, but as they say, you need to walk before you run. Here are some essential hashtags for the 4th of July.

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  • #America
  • #fourth of july
  • #Independence Day
  • #independence
  • #United States of America
  • #4th of July

  • #fourth
  • #fourth of July
  • #4th of July
  • #firework
  • #parade
  • #picnic
  • #United States of America

They may seem boring, but building a good social presence requires knowing good and bad hashtags, and you can bet these are the hashtags you’ll need as the foundation and starting blocks for your next few hashtags in your post.

Cheeky Hashtags

With the basics gone, you can now focus on adding some unique returns to your posts. If you’re looking for something a little funny or something a little more serious, we’ll do our best to provide you with both – starting with the funnier and lighter hashtags that err on the humor side, of course. Let’s jump.

  • #party in america
  • #biraliburgers
  • #redwhiteandbuzzed
  • #redwhiteandbrews
  • #chilloutwithyourgrillout
  • #beersout
  • #fun in the sun

  • #hotdaysyaznights
  • #livebythesun
  • #external life
  • #wakebythelake
  • #babyyoureafireworks
  • #explodingnoel
  • #happy birthdaymerica
  • #murica1776.

  • #snapcracklepop
  • #goodfoodgoodtimes
  • #burgersandbrews
  • #aswimbythepool
  • #dayattheplaj

They may not all be ridiculously funny, but they are all fun and upbeat in their own special way. Using that humor and that sense of fun is key to creating a solid Fourth of July post, especially after adding a few key hashtags. Of course, it doesn’t end there because you’ll still need to add at least one or two more to your post. Don’t forget to allocate some space in your post for some of the topics below; after all, we are only halfway through our subtitles!

patriotic Tags

Once you’re done adding the basics and throwing in a caption or two for a chuckle, you’ll want to consider adding some more patriotic-themed hashtags for your post. A little more specific than the original hashtags in the basics section, these hashtags can help you fulfill your patriotic duty and make it clear that you’re not just celebrating a holiday, you’re celebrating America. Let’s have a look.

  • #patriotism
  • #usa242
  • #242 years
  • #proud to be american
  • #god bless usa
  • #thislandisyourland
  • #america1776

  • #flag pride
  • #Made in USA
  • #Born in USA
  • #red stripesbluebannerwhitestars
  • #red white and blue
  • #patriotic
  • #citizenship
  • #landofthefree

  • #homeofthebrave
  • #fiftystar
  • #13striped
  • #servingmycountry
  • #atlasticnowimfree
  • #proud
  • #veterans
  • #God Bless America
  • #say, can you see

At this point, if you think your post is ready, it’s safe to throw it away. However, if you have a little more room for hashtags, we have one final category to choose from below to both lengthen your post and make sure you have something unique in your social media posts.

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Some Specific Hashtags

Finally, we have longer, more specific tags for your Independence Day posts. While these won’t fit anywhere else and are too specific to fall into our other categories, you may want to include one or two of these in your post to diversify your content and make things a little more unique. Here are some of our favorite custom hashtags.

  • #fireworks display
  • #explosions in the sky
  • #partyontheblock
  • #independencedayparty
  • #fourthtemmuzpartysi
  • #social distancing
  • #socialindependence
  • #4th party
  • #4thpartydowntown

  • #paradethroughthetown
  • #throwdownfourth
  • #fireworksphoto
  • #chinabanglarforamericasbirthday
  • #endlessstreamofffireworks
  • #spark season
  • #social distanceparty
  • #social distancejummuz4
  • #virtualfireworks


With your hashtags complete and your captions perfected, you can finally start sharing that perfect Independence Day social media post. Whether it’s a Facebook post, a tweet from Twitter, or a series of photos on Instagram, you have many options this Fourth of July to blow your country’s pride loud and proud. It’s important to strike a balance between your tags, so don’t forget to mix in some basic tags and more specific content to really help your photos and posts get found. Do you have a favorite 4th of July hashtag? Let us know in the comments below!

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