The launch date of your new product is approaching. You’re trying to get your ass off and you want people to be just as excited as you are.

How can you make sure your pre-launch excitement is making more than a social media surge?

We have seven creative tips on how to use social media to make your product sound.

7 ways to generate excitement about a new product on social media

1. Create a hashtag

To coincide with the announcement of her new album Cuz I Love You, pop (bop) star Lizzo created the hashtag #CuzILoveYou.

Not only is the hashtag a great way for Lizzo’s fans to keep up with everything about her album release and how her followers are reacting to it, but she’s also managed to get creative with her promotion. On Valentine’s Day, Lizzo encouraged her fans to tweet using the hashtag #CuzILoveYou and retweet those who did.

This clever approach gets the audience excited about their participation and shows more interest in the broadcast.

2. Get creative with your promotional opportunities

It’s one thing to get a limited-time deal to promote your new product, but how about promoting the people who made that product as well?

A brand new player in the skate shoe world, Proper Footwear focuses heavily on supporting independent skate shops and skaters directly. To this end, they regularly post deals on Instagram that coincide with the launch of new products or videos, and where the offer codes are named after their team riders, encouraging you to save some money and follow their team. Skaters whose codes are used even get a commission on every sale!

This ingenious technique not only endears the brand as someone who fully supports its drivers, but also ensures that their viewers with extra promotions follow them all year long.

3. Tell a story

A compelling narrative is a powerful way to engage people with your product before it hits the shelves.

No6 Coffee Co. uses social media to tell stories about the way ordinary people and businesses use their products. Not only is this an interesting and innovative way to showcase their new blends, it also highlights the positive relationship existing customers have with their coffee. This is something that can pay dividends when promoting to new ones.

Plus, you get the attention of followers of the people and businesses you showcase later, which essentially appeals to two audiences at once. Not bad.

4. Make a secret summit

Everlane is a digital-first apparel brand that thrived on Snapchat long before Instagram Stories came along and got a strong start in the form of “temporary content”.

They use Stories to give real, behind-the-scenes views into the inner workings of the company. Not only on a daily basis, but also with detailed sneak peeks on future products. These glimpses of their processes, from concept to production, create excitement when talking about their core value of transparency.

Everlane digs deep into the origins of every new product, these insights build customer trust that strengthens their brand.

5. Team up with local artists or businesses

A brand’s willingness to collaborate with its community is an endearing quality that helps build brand-level and product-level authenticity.

Emerging literary publisher Metatron Press regularly hosts Instagram Takeovers by authors who are publishing books or attending their events. These individuals control the contents of the Metatron page for several days at a time.

This provides artists with an important platform to promote their upcoming work, keeps their followers engaged with Metatron, and demonstrates support for the community the publisher serves. Bonus: This genuine approach goes a long way toward building brand trust.

6. Take a draw

Speaking of books (we love books), Strange Light, a brand new edition of Penguin House Canada, hosted a product raffle before releasing any titles.

It may sound like they put the cart before the horse, but really, it’s an ingenious way to create excitement.

To enter, all fans had to do was follow the Instagram accounts of Strange Light and Penguin Random House Canada and like the contest post. When a winner was chosen (at random), they received Strange Light buttons and tote bags. They also received two preliminary copies of the first books of the start-up press.

For hardcore fans in any realm, whether it’s NASCAR, video games, or books, people love something special. And there’s nothing more special than when someone reaches your product before it even hits the shelves. That’s why online giveaways are so effective in generating hype and increasing your follower count on social media.

Need more tips on running a successful Instagram contest? Check out our step-by-step guide on How to Run a Successful Instagram Contest.

7. Video teasers

There’s nothing like a clear, shareable video to get your viewers excited on social media.

Strathcona Brewery does just that. Every new beer they release is treated as a “Dancing Canman”—fun Instagram-length clips that showcase the beer’s different “personalities” through music and dance moves.

This is a great way to create a vision for a new product while staying within the overall theme of your brand.

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