If a picture is worth a thousand words, a carousel ad is worth 10 times that. Literally. Advertisers using carousel ads see a clickthrough rate, according to data found by Kinetic Social. 10 times Higher than other ad formats on Facebook and Instagram.

Carousel ads allow advertisers to use up to 10 photos or videos in a single paid post on Facebook or Instagram. Each image has its own link, which means more room for advertisers to expand their creativity.

Carousel ads continue on Facebook 30 to 50 percent lower cost-per-conversion and 20 to 30 percent lower cost-per-click than single-image ads.

Want to test your own carousel ad campaign? Read on for some examples and ideas to get you started.

one. Airbnb

Airbnb has repurposed one of its Instagram slideshow posts as a creative carousel ad promoting their new ad. Experience offers.

The post is a beautiful panorama photo of a long rowing boat divided into three frames. The text accompanying the post highlights hosts and how they use Airbnb to provide guests with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

With this carousel ad, Airbnb highlights valuable hosts while showing users the unique benefits of traveling with Airbnb. your post call to action Includes a link to other San Francisco experiences available through Airbnb.

Like Airbnb, your brand can use a panorama format with carousel ads to:

  • Show off your new office space
  • Share an event experience
  • Get a behind-the-scenes look at your team with a set of team photos
  • Showcase long product shots such as a table view or a series of different products
  • Share a lifestyle image featuring your product, for example a scenic mountain landscape with your brand hiking boots appearing in one of the frames

2nd. Tanishq

Tanishq, one of India’s foremost jewelery brands, used carousel ads to increase sales and reach a wider Facebook audience. Tanishq has both online and brick-and-mortar stores, and they wanted to use Facebook to connect these two spaces for their customers.

For its one-month campaign, Tanishq showcased stunning close-ups of its products and offered exclusive discounts via carousel ads on Facebook. They’ve also added a “Shop Now” button to encourage their viewers to take action.

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Tanishq with his carousel ad campaign, 30 percent increase in-store sales and three times higher returns in advertising expenditures.

You can lure your customers with images like Tanishq:

  • Following Facebook’s recommendations Image size 1080 x 1080 pixels
  • Using product images to target returning or high-intention customers
  • Using lifestyle images to target new customers
  • Using images related to a theme for each ad sequence
  • Ensuring that each image in the rotating format has a similar visual style created through lighting, colors and composition
  • Show your brand identity throughout images with a watermark or recognizable brand, colors and tone

3. Wonderland

Wondermall is a mobile app that gives shoppers access to over 100 stores and 1 million products. As a fashion-focused platform, Instagram was well suited for Wondermall’s carousel ad campaign.

Wondermall used high-target carousel ads to reach American women ages 18-44 who have summer-based keyword interests (sunglasses, sandals, swimwear, etc.) and like relevant Pages.

Wondermall used carousel ads to highlight curated summer products available through the app to appeal to audience interests. Ads featured a ‘Download from App Store’ call and a ‘Shop Now’ button. With the goal of increasing mobile app downloads, Wondermall has partnered with Facebook Marketing Partner taptika to initiate and measure the campaign.

The nine-week campaign lasted 36 percent conversion rates28 percent of shoppers put items in their carts and 8.5 percent complete their purchase.

Wondermall got to know their customers before they tried to sell to them, a tactic you can apply to your own carousel advertising strategy. Like other Facebook and Instagram ad formats, you can reach your target demographic with:

  • Location targeting, including a radius around your business
  • Age targeting
  • gender targeting
  • Interest targeting (Based on Likes)
  • Behavior targeting (based on previous purchases, device usage, clicks, etc.)
  • Link targeting (to reach people based on whether they like your business Page, app or event)

4. fido

Fido is a Canadian mobile service provider aimed at young millennials. Fido launched the #GetCurious carousel ad campaign on Instagram to support the promotion of new streaming and mobile services.

As Instagram explains, Fido’s “#GetCurious campaign had a handcrafted, whimsical quality that was consistent throughout its ads.”

By using a specific hashtag for the campaign, the brand was able to easily track post engagement and encouraged its followers to post their own #GetCurious posts.

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Reaching more than 2 million people with the campaign, Fido achieved a 21-point increase in brand awareness and a 19-point increase in ad recall. Their target demographics accounted for 53 percent of their impressions, and they saw a four-point increase in brand recommendation across each demographic.

Here’s how to harness the power of hashtags like Fido did:

  • Collection of user-generated content
  • Create a carousel ad that highlights customers by grouping them by attributes such as geographic location
  • Telling a story through images contributed by your audience
  • Group user-submitted images by color (or your brand’s colors) for a fun aesthetic effect

5. Kit and Ace

Technical clothing brand Kit and Ace used Facebook’s carousel ad format to promote a new line of cashmere pants.

The advertisements included numerous pictures of the garment in different scenarios. Each image is from a different angle and emphasized a certain feature of the pants. Aspect Facebook says“The more information you immediately give customers, the more reasons they’ll click.”

In addition to focusing on features, Kit and Ace incorporated images of the pants into the models. This allowed viewers to imagine what they would look like in the pants and how the pants could fit into their lives.

6. Aim

Target’s Style department used carousel ads to help launch their new Marimekko home and lifestyle collections. Ads show a model that moves between different “rooms” created by multiple frames of the carousel ad.

She wears a different outfit from the collection in each room and interacts with the products in the house. The ads featured colorful homewares and clothing with buttons that encouraged customers to go directly to the product purchase page.

This immersive approach is not only creative and engaging, it also helps viewers imagine themselves using the featured products.

As a business creating your own carousel ads, consider creative ways to use the format to your advantage. A seamless movement between frameworks such as targets may be an option you should consider for your future campaigns.

Carousel ads are a great way to showcase your brand’s best products and features.

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