You’ve had the sweet, sweet excitement of posting a single photo on Instagram. Now get ready to double, triple or quadruple the good times with the power of multi-image photo Instagram collages!

Because sometimes, one hot photo isn’t enough to capture the magic of your new haircut, spring menu or designer parrot caplet collection. With a digital collage, you can combine multiple images into one bold visual statement..

You can create basic collages for your Instagram Stories directly in Story Creation mode. But to take your collages to the next level (or make something for your main feed) you’ll have to look outside the app.

Read on for our favorite flawless graphic design tools to help you create professional-looking photo collages for Instagram – no scrapbook scissors required.

14 Instagram collage apps

A Design Kit

A favorite for photo editing, A Color Story used the graphic design tool A Design Kit a few years ago and it has become an instant classic. (It basically appears on every list we make of best apps for Instagram!)

Design templates let you craft with texture, shapes, lines, and colors, while elements like stickers and font-approved fonts provide the perfect finishing touch.

Open photo collage with effects


Owned by Squarespace, the app includes hundreds of templates to bring your videos, photos and text to life with stylized collage options.

Unfold also has fun effects and fonts to make your post stand out. Professional-grade preset filters add a unique flair to your images.

Stunning modern templates with bold colors


It updates its collections of stunning modern templates and graphic and text elements daily, so there’s always something new to play with when creating your perfect Insta collage.

Photo editing tools are also built right into the program, so you can create, mask, and fine-tune layers like a Photoshop pro without requiring zero previous experience.

Mojo animation features


Mojo’s animation features offer the best of both worlds, beyond Instagram’s huge library of collage layout templates to choose from: your favorite photos paired with dynamic text or graphic elements.

Adjust timing and components as you see fit to customize preloaded designs.

Tezza vintage collage with special effects


Do you love a vintage vibe? Tezza can be the app of your dreams. Templates are inspired by ’90s magazines, Y2K mood boards and dreamy classic cinema.

Textural overlays such as powder and paper give your collages a sense of depth and dimension. If you want something even more dynamic, create a video collage with special effects.

Pic Collage birthday themed party


With PicCollage, the weather might be a little more “Scrapbook mom,” but over 200 million users certainly seem to enjoy it. No judgment!

Tons of grid options are available to quickly combine multiple images, but to make it easy to celebrate or commemorate auspicious days, there are themed templates available (Happy Halloween!).

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New stickers and backgrounds are added every week, so you regularly have new vehicles to play with.

Pic Jointer grid and photo collage maker

Picture Common

We’re not convinced that “jointer” is technically a word, but with dozens of grid combinations (sorted ‘classic’ and ‘chic’) at your fingertips, who cares in English?

Let the pictures talk, you grammar freak! Patterned and colorful backgrounds are a fun option to help you brand your collages.

Good day scrolling collage with Instagram Carousel feature SCRL


Download SCRL for next level collage. The app lets you create a seamless scrolling image for Instagram’s carousel feature (FYI, which is actually a privileged format by the Instagram algorithm FYI!) and it’s pretty impressive.

Put your favorite camera roll images (or videos!) into one large graphic and SCRL will cut it out to be ready for multiple image uploads.

Collage Maker all-in-one editor and customized layouts

Collage Maker ◇

There are loads of apps out there called ‘Collage Maker’. (I gotta get that sweet, sweet SEO!) But this is our favourite.

There are more than 20,000 combinations for your photo collages – all the grid options you can imagine plus shapes like cascading hearts, kissing faces or flower petals. Add videos to your collage and even add music if you’re feeling brave.

Layout from Instagram multi-photo design feature with groups of people

Layout from Instagram

Official collage app from Insta itself. Yes, it’s annoying that you have to download a separate app to access this multi-photo design feature, but that’s it.

Remix your favorite images in various grid combinations and export them directly to Instagram’s compose mode when you’re done.

Story Art filters and animated layouts


Stylish filters, animated story templates, stickers and gifs: get creative with StoryArt’s formatting and editing options. Stylish typography and cool design details like faux Polaroid frames provide a quick and easy way to create trending collages for your main feed, Stories or Reels.

StoryChic person in the dock with ready-made templates and pastel layouts


It has been downloaded 10 million times and has managed to get 4.4 stars on the Android app store – so it’s fair to say that StoryChic is a fan favorite.

500+ templates and tons of fonts and preset filters provide ample opportunity to get creative.

four screens showing templates, collections and backgrounds available in the storyluxe instagram app

story luxury

Most of Storyluxe’s ​​collage templates (and a share of these) are stylized to look like old-fashioned filmstrips and prints. If this is the look that suits your brand, this could be the app for all your future Instagram collages.

Storyluxe also has custom-designed fonts: If adding a few key text phrases feels right, it’s an opportunity to make your content stand out from the rest.

PicMonkey with Shutterstock photos of the open house and sale


PicMonkey is a solid online photo editing tool – useful if you prefer to do your graphic design from your desktop.

It’s owned by Shutterstock, but you can upload your own images (even those from free stock photography sites!) to avoid premium fees and take advantage of the nifty Instacollage templates.

Their designs are especially useful if you want to combine images and text.

How to make a collage on Instagram?

The tragic news: At this point, there’s no way to create a collage for your Instagram main feed directly in the app. (Why are the Insta gods so cruel!?)

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However, Create a basic collage for your Stories using Instagram’s Story Maker mode. (Check out our Complete Guide to Instagram Stories for Business if you haven’t already!)

one. Open the Instagram app and tap the + icon at the top of the screen. Select Story.

2. This will open your camera roll. Tap the camera icon Here to access Create mode.

3. You will see a list of icons on the left side of the screen. Tap the third from the top: a square with lines in it. This is the Layout icon.

Example of Instagram collage in the square in the upper left corner

4. Tapping the layout icon will open a quarter layout on your screen. From here Fill each section with either a new photo or something from your camera roll.

a. option 1: To take photos! Just to take pictures tap the take photo button: the white circle in the middle of the bottom of the screen. When you take a photo, your picture will fill that upper left corner. Keep taking three more photos. To delete something and take a new photo, tap the photo and then the delete icon.

b. option 2: Select from your camera roll. Tap the square camera roll preview icon in the lower left corner of your screen to access your camera roll. tap the photo You want to be in the upper left corner of the quadrant. Repeat until there are four photos on the screen. To delete something and take a new photo, Tap the photo, then tap the delete icon.

Old black and white images in Instagram collage

5. If you want try a different layoutEnter edit mode and tap the rectangular grid icon It’s just below the layout mode icon. This will open a selection menu where you can choose an alternative grid style. Tap on your preferred styleand then fill each section with a photo shoot or an image from your camera roll as outlined above.

6. Are you satisfied with your new Insta collage? Press the checkmark to confirm and continue add stickers, text or effects.
Tap the arrow in the lower right corner when you are ready to publish.

We’re sure you can’t wait to start creating the Instagram collages of your dreams, so please don’t let us distract you – but if you’re on a creative roll, you may want to brush up on how to plan Instagram. pre-published. Shake up these awesome collages, place them in the Moyens I/O control panel to explode into the world, and then sit back and wait for the compliments to come.

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