Social media—it’s almost like water (or air) for digital marketing.

Necessary, yes. But let’s be real, responsible, reasonable and smart about all this.

Not most (okay, sometimes me too).

But for the sake of the audience… please replace bad apps with good ones. So you can turn readers on, not off.

Here is a list of things you should start doing (or keep doing) along with things you should stop doing.

1. Overuse of hashtags

Of course, you want to be on Twitter and Instagram. Who doesn’t? But with a little hashtag it can go a long way. So don’t overdo them.

Why did you stop

Because you look spammy or desperate with too many (irrelevant) hashtags. Bots may like them and gain you followers, but of the wrong kind. Eight out of 10 words with meaningful hashtags will not follow you.


Instead of

Be mindful with your hashtags. Protect yourself too. Give the focus the message, not the spam label. Just use one, maybe two or three.


Our guide to using hashtags correctly has more tips for you.

2. Jumping on every train

Many of us want to look like everyone else by doing what’s hot right now. This comes off as trendy and thoughtless.

Why did you stop

Because instead of being relevant to a hot topic, you look stupid jumping on a lot of wagons.

Instead of

Add value, not noise.

Before you hit the post button, ask yourself: ‘Will my company boss feel like I’m continuing a valuable conversation with this post, post or comment?’ Number? Then, towards something else that will happen.

3. Oversharing

Sharing is caring. Except when it’s not.

Why did you stop

Because you look silly, fake and pretentious when posting photos of your breakfast or removed tonsils.

Instead of

Remember that your brand is a public figure. By all means, be fun, smart and brave. As long as you’re professional, useful, and knowledgeable about what you’re posting for your target audience.

Want help improving your brand’s voice and tone? I wrote this just for you.

4. Broadcasting the same message across channels

Of course we are all busy. Including digital marketers. But there are better ways to save time than posting the same message on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest… you get the idea.

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Why did you stop

Because when you forward the same message to various channels, you look lazy, even stupid. Different networks support different content (and different audiences too). Your fans on these channels will get bored (and annoyed) seeing the same thing over and over. Here are 10 more reasons to stop doing it.

Instead of

Create and use a distributed content strategy (like we did at Moyens I/O) to create unique messages. Your brand will look real and interesting to those holy eyeballs you spent time earning. Don’t lose them now with a diluted, over-repeated message.

Not sure what to post on social media? Here are 10 ideas.

5. Not responding to your audience

Promote, promote, promote. In other words… you share something, someone responds… crickets… Then you share something else.

Against… you share, they respond, you respond (perhaps a few times in this loop).

Why did you stop

Because not everything is about you. Again, social media is a two-way conversation. It’s not a one-way megaphone. Otherwise digital is faceless, dark and cold. And so it becomes your brand.

When you pass someone on the street and say ‘hey’, do you ignore them and keep walking? Yeah, I didn’t think.

Instead of

Schedule talk time into your shipping schedule. Ask questions, encourage them to share feedback, respond in the same way and follow up… with everyone. Become a friendly brand. Someone others want to hang out with (and buy).

Twitter polls work well. They are easy to create and respond to. We wrote an article about using Twitter polls to increase audience engagement.

6. Keeping your social account private

It used to be common to get a branded handle, then keep it to yourself. it still is more widespread. If you have it, use it.

Why did you stop

Are you lazy? Hiding something? Is social media worth it? Because that’s what your fans might think if you keep your accounts private.

(Very) many people will find out that your channels are inactive. A simple Google search can reveal this. They’ll say ‘hmmmm’. They’re better off saying “wow”. Then…

Instead of

Buy, sign up… and use all your social media accounts.

Have an account that isn’t quite ready for prime time? Good. Post an update that you will be online shortly.

Simple, “Thanks for following us. We’ll be on your digital face soon. Promise.” (or something like that) does wonders to get people’s attention.

7. Automate thanks

A ‘thank you’ used to mean something and it felt good to receive it. Nowadays… usually something else, not so special.

Why did you stop

Because when you automate, you appear impersonal. It’s like being a subscription member you don’t want.

Plus, who wants to respond to a bot? Otherwise – why use social media?

Instead of

remove ‘I’leave ‘personal’ for your social media behavior. Do some research on the profiles of the followers. Share something in common between the two of you.

Too many fans to do that much leg work? Okay…but remember, it’s less about volume, more about quality. There is a lot more you can do to learn more about who.

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8. To advertise to advertise

Understood. I am guilty of posting anything and everything. This was years ago. No more.

Why did you stop

Because you look like a postal machine, not a thoughtful brand. People get bored, tired and angry when you post stuff that doesn’t matter.

It’s a great way to get followers to click the ‘unfollow’ button.

Instead of

Know your audience, write and publish what they want. It’s that simple.

9. Deleting negative comments

Not. Good. at the moment. All.

Countries can censor the internet. But not you.

Why did you stop

Because people won’t trust you – a digital dictator who censors dissent.

Instead of

Embrace the negative. Use it to do (and be) better.

There will always be people who don’t like what you do, say or sell. So what. Do your best and don’t delete a genuine and natural dialogue. Do not go in the dark. to deal with. People are waiting to see how it is.

Whole Foods showed up instead of hiding.

Those bunk-bed mission statements in the hallways, on the walls? Noisy.

Let’s see what you’re really made of. How will you show up now? This is a golden moment.

10. Sharing instead of talking

Most companies focus on broadcasting rather than chatting.

Why did you stop

Because when you post and only post, you keep the distance between you and the audience. How will you get to know each other when you keep things one-sided?

Instead of

Change your focus. Be less obsessed with keeping your social feeds fresh and speeches with the right people. Engagement > self promotion.

Bonus tips

Here is a list of honorable sayings worthy of your attention.

  • Worry less about follower count, more information about quality. Again, speeches.
  • Ditch platforms you don’t like, otherwise you will hate them. You don’t need to be everywhere.
  • Do not post about sex, politics or religion. Unless you’re writing about sex, politics or religion. Otherwise, you alienate half of your audience.
  • don’t share only others thing. it’s hard to be joyful-nique without publishing some of your own content.
  • don’t share only yours thing. So you won’t be that person.
  • Stop sending the same message automatically five times a day. Talking about i am i.
  • Do not buy likes or followers. Inflated followers = less meaningful ones. Grow them over time and with care.
  • Don’t auto-DM on Twitter. You will come across as fake and stamps.
  • And 5+ more don’ts I’ve written about

Let’s give this article some perspective.

Go to the top. Swipe down slowly on the screen while noticing mostly titles. Take all aspects of how someone (not yours) can behave badly on social media.

Tempting, I know.

It’s like writing a double baked chocolate croissant with hazelnut and cream ‘don’t eat this’ above your keyboard.

But if you really want real people to be interested, share and buy, then don’t.

And… know that you are not alone.

We make a living by helping marketers like you in the best way possible. Because social media + personal interactions = more quality leads to higher quality conversations. Get social media right. From a single control panel. Try Moyens I/O for free.