Major Issues Encountered by Samsung Galaxy S3 users

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the best smartphones we have today. It is packed with excellent features that outstrip almost any other competing phone. Despite this, there are a few serious issues users are facing on the S3. If we compare the reviews, it would not be wrong to say that the S3 received more negative reviews than its predecessor, the S2. Let’s examine the issues one by one-

Battery problem:

All users are facing serious battery issues on their devices. It’s actually quite common for smartphones, battery drains while on data network or using offline media apps. But users have been complaining about battery loss in standby mode. But the general user population has learned to put up with it, with enthusiasts raising their voices about the problem. So the authorities revealed that this is an indicator issue as the drain value in the framework-res.apk file is incorrectly set to 34mA instead of 3.4mA. This is a pretty big miscalculation for a well-known company like Samsung when competing with quality brands like Apple, Nokia and HTC.

You don’t have to worry about what we have. solution here. You can easily fix the problem by updating the “power_profile.xml” file in the framework-res package.

Another problem encountered during charging is that it cannot be connected after plugging it in. However, this issue has been faced by a few specific users and thus is not a major issue. However, if you are such a victim, do not fret because we have a solution for you – try to connect the charger after a while and leave the mobile turned off until it is fully charged.


If you think of this as another problem that happens to almost everyone who uses a high-end smartphone, knowing that the S3 actually exploded due to overheating does more than just shock you. The user also posted pictures after the explosion on the S3 forum. After checking, we found that the bottom edge was completely burned out and looked very serious as a problem. The phone also freezes so much that it stops working and turns itself off. However, we are happy that Samsung has already looked into the matter and issued a statement addressing this issue:

“There are recent online posts showing pictures of a Samsung GALAXY SIII that appears to have heat-related damage to the bottom of the device. Samsung is aware of this issue and will begin investigating the product as soon as it receives it. Once the investigation is complete, we will be able to provide more details on the situation. We will be able to provide our customers with the safest possible We are committed to providing the products and we are looking at that seriously.”

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Wireless Internet:

The next problem users face is the WiFi connection. They cannot connect to any WiFi at home or work. Earlier, users viewed this as an issue with their network provider, but after many online forums encountered by many users describing the same issue, it was confirmed to be the defect in the handset. However, Samsung still says it’s a network issue and hasn’t given any explanation for the problem.

It was surprising to us, too, to be exposed to such shocking flaws in one of the best smartphones. We still remember, similar issues were faced by the Galaxy R and nothing notable has been done about it as Samsung has plenty of other handsets occupying the segment and filling the gap. However, it’s very different with the S3. If the issues are not detected soon, Apple would become the definitive emperors of Smartphones as the iPhone 5 performs extremely well. Let’s hope Samsung will identify and fix all the problems soon.


“The battery doesn’t even last a day of moderate use, so it’s a bit of a setback, some bug issues, I guess Samsung will fix it soon.”

“I bought the S3 last month. But after seeing my friend’s Lumia 900, I decided to buy Nokia Lumia 920. This is the best mobile phone. Goodbye Samsung!”

“It juices up with heavy use and its processor can get pretty hot when stressed. Very little RAM, needs at least 2GB to run properly. I often have to manually clear the RAM to be able to play HD games without stuttering. The screen is too dim for outdoors.”

“Cannot activate Google wallet.”

“Verizon version has limited apps, limited updates, limited :-[“[“[“[“

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