Lilliput A5 Field Monitor Review: An Affordable Field Monitor Worth Every Penny

If you’re a YouTube creator or someone who just shoots video with their cameras looking to take the content creation process to the next level, a field monitor is definitely one of the things you should invest in. After all, checking in and framing your shot on a small camera screen isn’t the best way to do it (believe me, we tried), and a field monitor will give you a better idea of ​​your footage without having to test every single shot on a laptop. or your editing equipment.

The Lilliput A5 Area Monitor is a stylish little 4K Area Monitor with a surprisingly rich feature set. $122.99 price and what we’ve been using to shoot our videos for a while now. This is our review of the Lilliput A5 Field Monitor so you can decide if it’s right for your setup or if you should go with another option. So keep reading.

Lilliput A5 Field Monitor: Features

  • 4K input via HDMI 4.1
  • Native Full HD panel
  • 4K HDMI Loop Out
  • Advanced Functionality including Peaking, Sound Level Meters and more
  • Internal battery plate supporting Sony NP-F970 and Canon LP-E6 batteries
  • 1/4″ thread holes

Lilliput A5 Field Monitor: Construction and Design

When it comes to the design and build of the A5, Lilliput Pretty low-key design for the monitor. There’s nothing flashy about it and that’s okay. As a standard industrial design monitor, this looks great. But when it comes to build, there are some minor issues if you look at the monitor, especially the battery release button, which you will find you press quite often in your use. However, if we take into account the price of the Lilliput A5 field monitor and the features that Lilliput offers for the price of $122.99, the build here is nothing to complain about.

This is by no means a poorly built monitor, and while you obviously don’t want to drop it, not a fragile or cheap emotion monitor at all. If anything, it feels pretty well built and I personally don’t think the build here is an issue.

If something is a problem, it is real setting this up is not as fast as I hoped. Of course, you just need to plug in the HDMI cable and press the power button to turn on the camera and watch the live stream, but Using the included shoe mount adapter is quite procedural. The first few times we used the monitor, it took quite a while to fix it on our Panasonic GH-5 4K camera. However, once you get used to it, the process does get a little faster, so I’m not really complaining.

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Lilliput A5 Field Monitor: Display

The screen of the A5, which is one of the most important parts of the monitor, is quite good. This is a 5-inch display that supports viewing 4K videos in FullHD at up to 30 FPS pretty good for its price. However, For 1080p and 720p videos, the monitor can support up to 60FPS This is great if you’re shooting at 1080p60.

Lilliput A5 Field Monitor

Overall, the Lilliput A5 field monitor has a pretty solid display; We actually observed that when connected to the GH5 we are using, it reproduces colors much better than the built-in display in the camera. Technically, you can use your camera with this monitor while keeping your camera’s internal screen off. However, the monitor does not support touch, we use the built-in display for touch-focused features (like the drag-to-focus feature on the GH5), and the monitor for everything else. Of course, do not expect things like HDR support at this price. This is something you’ll find in much more expensive field monitors, and honestly if you’re a YouTuber it shouldn’t really make that big of a difference. If you’re a professional cinematographer shooting professional-grade video that needs HDR displays and everything else, you probably won’t be looking at an entry-level field monitor.

Lilliput A5 Field Monitor

Personally, I like the screen on Lilliput A5and so is our video team. I’ve never heard of them complaining about the A5’s screen, and they love to use it at every opportunity (they were just using it to click on product images).

Lilliput A5 Field Monitor: Features

Probably the best thing about the A5 field monitor is that it’s a very feature-rich monitor, and when I asked our video team about it, they were immediately One of the most feature-packed monitors for its price, this is an absolutely wonderful thing. At $122.99, it’s clear this monitor isn’t designed to compete with the likes of the Ninja V, but It offers truly compelling features that you won’t find in most other field monitors in its price range..

Lilliput A5 Field Monitor Features

What we use most often is the various advanced features that track offers. support for the summit to make sure we focus on everything when we need it, sound level meter to monitor the volume level we receive from our microphone, and histograms I personally can’t make sense of it but our video team can do this so they find it quite useful.

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Apart from that, there is center marker, support for aspect ratio markers (This is useful if you’re shooting in 4:3 or other aspect ratios), false colors, exposure, brightness/contrast settings, volumeand much more.

Lilliput A5 Field Monitor: Ports and Mounting Holes

The A5 field monitor comes with a number of ports on the side and 1/4″ mounting holes on the other three sides, so you can mount it however you want depending on your use case. The ports here include: HDMI output port and HDMI input port, 12V DC input port and a headphone jack. While the ports are pretty obvious in their use case, I’ll still walk you through what they mean:

  • HDMI Output: connecting to another display for extended screen viewing or other uses.
  • HDMI Input: to connect the field monitor to the camera.
  • 12V DC: To power the monitor in case the batteries run out.
  • Headphone jack: Connecting headphones to monitor recorded audio.

Lilliput A5 Field Monitor

Lilliput A5 Field Monitor: Pros and Cons

That’s basically all I had to talk about the Lilliput A5 field monitor, but if you’re still undecided on whether to buy this nifty little camera, here’s a list of pros and cons that might help you make up your mind:


  • value for money
  • focus peak
  • 4K circuitry
  • Support for LP-E6 batteries and NP-F970 batteries
  • Compact and easy to carry


  • no touch screen
  • Focus peak can be a bit inaccurate sometimes
  • The quality of the included sun hood is overwhelming

Overall, the Lilliput A5 Field Monitor ($122.99) one Value for money packed with some great features Hard to find in other field monitors of this price. Technically speaking, if you’re looking for other field monitors for a similar price, the Neewer NW759 ($119.99) which is a 7 inch monitor. However, it does not have a Full HD display and only supports NP-F550 battery. In addition, the Feelworld FW450 4.5 inch field monitor ($136.99) but this one also doesn’t have a Full HD display and comes with a 1280×800 panel. However, it comes with a similar feature set, so if you’re looking for a smaller field monitor than the A5, you might consider it. Honestly, the Lilliput A5 Field Monitor is yours best bet in this price rangeand if you’re looking for something much better, you’ll have to look into professional solutions from brands like AtomOS like Ninja V ($563.29)

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