Image Candy: The Only Online Image Editor You’ll Need, And It’s Free!

The internet is full of image editing software that promises a boatload of features without paying a dime. However, as a writer who edits images on a daily basis, I find myself only bothered by the constant pop-ups, forced registration requests, upload limit, or fine-pressure features on these websites. This is not just for writers. Anyone looking for an online image editing tool will struggle with this issue. So what do you do when you find yourself in this dilemma? Simple. You go to Image Candy, A 100% free image editor that truly does what it promises for once. But I didn’t believe their word and tried the tool myself to share my experiences with you in this post.

Picture Candy Review: Free Online Image Editor (2022)

Image Candy: Not Tyro in the Game

You might think that Image Candy is just another service that popped up out of nowhere, but that’s not the case. The people at Image Candy have a lot of experience. Image Candy was developed by the Icecream Apps team, first released with PDF Candy in 2016 (read review).

After that, Icecream Apps came out with Video Candy, a no-nonsense online video editor. And now, finally, in 2022 Image Candy is here to complete its suite of free online editing tools. While it’s easy to fall in love with Icecream Apps just because of its delicious names, Image Candy sets a good example for itself. So let’s take a look at what Image Candy has to offer:

Smooth and Welcoming User Interface

Opening Image Candy takes you to a cleanly organized website that displays all the available image editing tools on a single attractive yet attractive page. The different services offered are divided into blocks that can be seen directly on the landing page. Picture Candy went for a clutter-free UI with attractive icons for each vehicle. You can access all 15 features (listed below) directly from their homepage or use the top navigation bar.

Clean and Great User Interface

During my short tests, I found Image Candy very cute (for pun intended). All features were a click away and I didn’t have to fumble around the site to upload and edit an image. Simply click on the feature you want to use and get the job done right away. So when it comes to my overall user experience with Image Candy, it’s one of the best in the game.

Many Features Without All Coins

Image editing is something we all do a little differently. One person might want to simply resize or crop an image, while another might want to do more complex things like removing its background or converting it to different formats. Fortunately, Image Candy comes with a wedge of 15 different features spread across different use cases.

I’ve compiled the full list of features offered by Image Candy below, but rest assured, there’s something for everyone. As someone who is a casual image editor but also a heavy memeber, I was surprised to find a Meme generator among the tools on their website. So, aside from just offering everyday tools for your image processing needs, Image Candy has more surprises in store. The full list of image editing tools available in Image Candy is as follows:

  1. Image Converter
  2. resize the image
  3. Compress Image
  4. remove background
  5. Image to PDF
  6. Rotate Image
  7. flip picture
  8. crop image
  9. add text
  10. Watermark Image
  11. Meme Maker
  12. HEIC to JPG Converter
  13. DPI converter
  14. Image to Text
  15. Video to GIF

After seeing all the features above, I won’t blame you for thinking that Image Candy should cost a fortune or have some limitations. However, Image Candy is a 100% free online image editor and does not contain any ads, file size or time limits. The website doesn’t even add its own watermark to your image; this is something that most other online image editors do or ask you to pay to use these tools. Don’t worry, if you don’t have your computer with you, Image Candy website also works on mobile phones.

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My Five Favorite Picture Candy Editing Tools

While Image Candy has all the major image manipulation tools, I decided to test some of them to see how functional they actually are. Safe to say, I was very impressed with all of them and you will instantly bookmark this site and make it a part of your daily workflow. So let’s take a look at some of my favorite image editing tools in Image Candy:

1. Image Conversion

I started by uploading an image and trying to do a simple format conversion. After all, converting an image to JPG is something we all do from time to time. After asking me to upload the image which took about 10 seconds, the most popular formats including SVG, JPG, JPEG, PNG and PDF were shown.

image conversion image candy

Then all I had to do was click on the image format I wanted to convert the uploaded image to and it took about 5 seconds, which was pretty amazing. I can then download the converted image without having to wait for ads or watermarks. the best thing Image Candy also supports batch conversion for most tools, so you don’t have to selectively drag and drop images. You can convert more than one at the same time.

Moreover, if you are an iPhone user like me, you can convert even HEIC images to JPG in a matter of seconds without any problems.

2. Remove Background

Converting or editing a bunch of images is something most online image editors can do. How about something more complex like removing all the background from your image? Fortunately, Image Candy shines in this department as well. I took a rather complex screen from one of our YouTube videos to serve as a good example. There were numerous background elements in the image that would have been very difficult to get rid of under normal circumstances, including a desk, a laptop and a plant.

However, after using background removal from Image Candy, I was very surprised. As you can see for yourself, Image Candy has perfectly removed all background except the subject. This is great, isn’t it? From the precise table outlines to the plant in the back, everything went from the scene except my colleague Rupesh.

I did not expect this level of perfection from an online image editing tool. I also tried the tool with even more complex images and I can say that Image Candy handles them all without issue. So, if you’re in the market for an online background removal tool, Image Candy is the expert at it as well.

3. Converting from Image to Text

While you may not see this incredible feature on the homepage, you will find the Image to Text tool under image conversion. We all know that there are a handful of image-to-text converters online, but I haven’t found any of them to be accurate. Image Candy surprised me and did the job perfectly. So, look at this sample image:

To test this feature, I decided to convert two different images. The first image is part of an article on the Beebom website. While converting the image to text naturally took a little longer than a simple image, it was still fast enough. Although the website does not show a preview of the text captured on the website, Image Candy does give you an output text file that you can edit as you wish.

I was happy to see that the output text was extremely accurate with no errors. The only thing missing was a single extra space or article that wasn’t a major issue. I had the same enjoyable experience transforming the food menu of one of my favorite restaurants. Although the image-to-text converter erred on one of the prices, the overall experience was almost entirely error-free and seamless.

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Depending on your personality, you may find this tool very useful or you may not want all of them. Still, it’s there if you need it, and it can be a boon to students. Alternatively, if you really want to add text to an image rather than extract it, Image Candy offers a tool for that too.

4. Video to GIF

Texting in 2022 requires more than just meme knowledge. You need to have the perfect GIF for the moment to express yourself. While the built-in finders are accurate most of the time, a little intervention is required. Image Candy also has a built-in Video to GIF processing tool that lets you upload any video and automatically convert it to a GIF. I tested this by exporting a small portion of a 4K video to a GIF and you can see the results below.

Image Candy: The Only Online Image Editor You'll Need, And It's Free!

The best thing about the video to GIF tool is that there is absolutely no file size limit. So whether your video size is over 16MB or over 500MB, you can go ahead and upload it to Image Candy. I’d love a preview option after the conversion is complete, but it’s a nifty feature and one that stays in my book.

5. Watermark Image

Finally, if you’re a budding photographer, artist, or just someone who wants to claim your intellectual property, you should have already watermarked all your original images. But instead of using heavy software like Photoshop or paying to create accounts and add a small logo watermark, how about getting a free editor – Image Candy – that will do it for you? Apart from the large number of tools it already has, the ability to watermark images is one of my favourites.

Image Candy: The Only Online Image Editor You'll Need, And It's Free!

All you have to do is upload an image and the tool opens up many options to add text or images on top of it. You can simply type the text and make it appear immediately. When you’re done with that, the tool lets you select different outlines and fill in colors from the color wheel. Don’t know which shade you want? Use the Eyedropper tool and select any color from the window. Pretty clean, right?

If you already have a logo image in mind instead of text, you can use the image option and add it as well. Then place it wherever you want and download the watermarked image in an instant. The average person might not use this tool every day, but it’s a godsend for all creatives.

Lots of Other Tools for Everyone

While these features have made it to my favorites list, other useful tools are also great if you want to add some interesting elements to your images. A good example of this is the Nozzle Generator. You can add any picture you want and add cool or interesting text to it. Got an image in HEIC format from your iPhone and want to convert it before sharing? Image Candy has a native HEIC to JPG image converter in its arsenal.

From something as simple as adding text to more nuanced tools like flipping images for your selfie, you can find a healthy variety of tools in Image Candy.

Image Candy Takes the Pain out of Image Editing

Managing to include so many image editing features while remaining completely free and without any upload size or time restrictions is no easy task, but Image Candy still manages to do it. Whether you’re a casual image editor who makes occasional memes or a serious professional, this handy little service will be extremely helpful to you as it was to me. What do you think of Image Candy? Let us know in the comments below!