Honor 9N Camera Review: An Average Experience

Honor is a company known for its budget and mid-range devices because its smartphones bring good performance with better cameras at very affordable prices. I would always recommend Honor phones to anyone who values ​​the camera performance of a smartphone above all else. Therefore, I was very happy to test the latest Honor budget smartphone; honor 9N (From ₹11,999). Seeing Honor’s history, I specifically wanted to test the Honor 9N’s cameras, and that’s what we’re going to do here. In this article, we’ll test the Honor 9N’s cameras in different conditions and see if Honor lives up to its tradition of bringing good cameras at an affordable price:

Honor 9N Camera Review: Features

Before we look at the real-life performance of the Honor 9N cameras, let’s take a look at what the phone brings on paper. Good, Honor 9N packs a 16MP camera on the front and a dual-lens 13MP + 2MP camera sensor on the back.. Unfortunately, none of the cameras have electronic or optical image stabilization, but support HDR. Now that you know what kind of camera hardware the smartphone includes, let’s take a look at how the cameras performed in real-life tests:

Primary (Rear) Camera Performance

  • Performance in Good Lighting Conditions

In good lighting conditions, the phone managed to take some decent photos. I mean, the results were nothing exceptional, however, photos turned out to be good with plenty of details, low noise and good dynamic range. There is an issue keeping the subject in focus as you are using the cameras and the phone doesn’t seem to support PDAF. However, if you have steady hands, you can take great pictures from these cameras.

  • Performance in Low Lighting Conditions

In low light conditions, photo quality deteriorated a lot, as expected. I mean, if you have steady hands and know how to take good photos with a smartphone, you can take good photos. However, most users will find it difficult to take good photos in low light conditions. I say this because the focusing problem we encounter in bright light conditions gets worse in low light. Even if you can focus properly, there is a lot of noise in the photos. Overall, the low-light performance of these cameras is just average. and Honor will not win any rewards here.

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  • Portrait Mode Performance

When it comes to portrait mode performance, the phone takes good portrait shots when lighting conditions are good. The subject is sufficiently highlighted and the background blur doesn’t feel artificial at all. However, in low light conditions, all this changes when the lighting is too bad, with the phone failing to apply bokeh.

Also worth noting here is that even if the lighting conditions are good, the phone may not be able to get the blur correctly if the subject is standing in front of a bright background. In the attached picture below, you can see that the upper left part of the hair is completely removed when trying to take a photo in portrait mode. That said, the phone is capable of taking good portrait shots.

  • Selfie Camera Performance

While the primary cameras performed relatively well, the selfie camera on the Honor 9N just got bombed. As you can see in the attached pictures below, selfie camera performance is well below average. The selfie camera takes really smooth images with a lot of noise and grain. Portrait selfies are extremely bad and often don’t even work. If you take a lot of selfies, this is definitely not the phone for you.

  • Video Recording Performance

After testing the device for a few days, I can definitely say that video recording is not the Honor 9N’s strength. I mean the phone only supports video recording up to 1080p, which is only at 30 FPS. There’s also no EIS or OIS here, which means there’s no stabilization to counter your shaky hands. So if you don’t have the steadiest hands known to mankind, be prepared to record a truly shaky image.

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Honor 9N Camera Review: Doesn’t Verify Honor’s History

I really wanted to like the camera performance of the Honor 9N and while I look forward to testing the device, at the end of the day, the cameras of the Honor 9N did not impress me like their predecessors. Honor seems to have cut corners in the cameras department to bring flagship-level design and build quality to the Honor 9N’s affordable price range. This may be okay for some users, but if you’re a smartphone camera enthusiast, you’re going to hate Honor’s strategic decision here.

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