Everything You Need to Know About the Samsung Galaxy S3 [Complete Specs]

Extending the legacy, popularity and superiority of the Galaxy series, Samsung introduced the most dominant among all galaxy series smartphones. “GALAXY S3” in London in May.

Apple, Nokia, HTC, Sony etc. Given the fierce competition from rivals such as .

Samsung rolled the dice of faith to the S3 to keep its crown. But it will still be installed.

The Samsung galaxy series has played a pivotal role in capturing and conquering bosses like Apple, whose products are launched like any tech festival, people are ready to die to buy the products, and the Finnish brand Nokia, which has certainly managed its own sales for 15 years. Phones with incredible hardware before Samsung surpasses it.

What are the key factors behind Samsung’s success relative to its competitors?

Mainly due to its availability as a cost-effective product, the pricing for different countries does not change like Apple, the network not concentrated in certain countries, the excellent use of hardware without making the device too expensive, and finally Google’s Android.

That was the history behind Samsung’s success but let’s take a look at what the S3 has to offer As super smart phone:-

1. Build quality and Hardware

Galaxy S III runs the latest version of Android 4.0.3, codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich. This is by far the best version of Google’s operating system, with a cleaner look than before. It has one physical button and 2 capacitive buttons. Samsung has no new apps button, long pressing the home button will do that. Samsung is adding its own improvements such as the ability to take screenshots by wiping your hand on the screen.

Design is Pebble shape and Glossy finish. Its rivals, the HTC One X, Motorola RAZR Maxx, are thinner than the iPhone 4S (70.6mm in diameter, 136.6mm in length and 133g in weight). It has a removable battery (the battery is embedded in the design), unlike other competitors that stick to a single body design. It is slightly thicker than the S2 (125.3 x 66.1 x 8.49 mm) but provides comfort to hold.
It has 1.4GHZ Quad core processor with Mali-400MP GPU.

2. Display

The 4.3 inch Super AMOLED offers sharp resolution (720 X 1280 pixels) and vibrant colors. Pixel density increased from 218 to 306 ppi. Viewing angles are good.

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3. Battery

It has a removable battery (2100 mah). The larger size of the phone facilitates a large battery that works extremely well.

4. Center

Samsung’s Game Hub: Has a (small) selection of recommended games. There are some free and then premium ones.
Music Hub is now up to version 3.0 (HD): It costs £9.99 per month and promises unlimited streaming. It has a neat interface and a huge catalog – 17 million items.
Video center for movies.

5. Camera

It has an 8MP rear camera capable of shooting 1080p full HD videos. Even the 1.9 MP front-facing camera can shoot in 720p HD. Burst mode, which can determine the best shot among many, are features to look forward to.

6. Unique features

• 16,32,64 GB storage variants with microSD card slot.
• Two microphones for voice clarity.
• Camera with 0 shutter lag and Burst mode shoot continuously at 6fps and detect the best shot.
• If you’re viewing your pictures in a slide show, Face Slideshow zooms in on all the faces in a picture.
• The front camera shoots in 720p and can take pictures while shooting video.
• 2100mah battery lasts much longer with battery-saving super AMOLED.
• There’s also 50GB of free storage for your content on Dropbox for years to come
• There is S Voice which is a voice recognition service as Siri needs a data connection.
• Smart Stay, which periodically checks to see if it can recognize a pair of eyes looking at it using the front-facing camera, or turns off the screen to save power.
• Smart Dial, which dials a contact’s number for you by lifting the phone to your ear from the contact details screen or in messages.
• NFC and S beam to quickly transfer videos and photos between other S3s.
• Smart Alert : Your phone will vibrate as soon as you pick it up to let you know you have a notification.
• Social Tag : recognizes faces from pictures and automatically offers to send the picture as text to the people in the picture.
• Pop-up playback: you can multitask while watching a movie or video, by enabling pop-up playback, the video will play in a widget-like pane that can be moved around the screen.

The race to be the best and superior will continue as long as technology continues to develop. Samsung, currently the crowning king in the smartphone maker, will try to maintain its supremacy but for how long? No one knows but one day or the other he will topple the king, that’s for sure, there will be innovations, phones will be super smart one day!

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