Making the Most of Your Day – So Many Resources

You have so much to get done in one day, and only a limited amount of time. How do you get it all accomplished? You set yourself up for success in advance, that’s how.

So, how do you go about setting yourself up for success? Today, there are both digital and physical resources for you to boost your productivity and accomplish all of your daily tasks, lower your stress levels while doing so, and end your day with a sense of complete satisfaction.

Let’s have a look at all that you can do in this regard.

Your Physical Space

When we think of productivity, we tend to focus on how and when we work. For example, we may be “morning” people and thus get up far earlier than most others when we know we can focus best. And how we work best is tied to avoiding disruptions and distractions as best we can.

We should also be considering the physical environment that allows us to be more productive. If you have a home office, for example, how conducive is it to get tasks accomplished? Is it set apart from the rest of your living space? Are there family members who violate that space and create distractions? If this is the case, you will have to set down some concrete rules to avoid those interruptions.

If a home office is not working for you, consider other places you can go. There are libraries, coffee shops, rented co-working spaces, or even outdoor spaces, such as parks. You will need to experiment a bit and find the space that allows you to accomplish the most.

If you work in-house for a company or organization, how will you avoid the disruptions and interruptions that often come from that environment? Again, you may have to lay down some clear rules regarding when you will be “available” and not. 

Organizing Your Workspace for Your Day

You already know what you need to accomplish each day. Start the night before with a list of the tasks before you. Make a list and then prioritize that list. Even post that list physically on a wall, so that you can have a visual reminder throughout your day. And here’s the most important key – do not move to task #2 until task #1 is accomplished, and so forth.

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Organizing your workspace is also about decluttering. If you have paper files and stacks of notes lying around, it’s messy. And messy surroundings can foster a “messy mind.” Block out some time to get those files and notes at least organized if not turned into digital resources that you can draw upon as needed. Put them into categories of files to help you find them. There are plenty of software programs to help you do this.

Entering a de-cluttered workspace each day sets you in the right mindset to focus on the tasks at hand.

Task Management

You already have your to-do list for the day. Whether you post it on a wall or have it in a task management program is a matter of personal choice. But there are a host of amazing task management programs that can simplify and streamline your work.

Do some research on individual task management software, take a close look at what they offer, and choose those that will help you the most. Some apps will schedule your tasks and send you reminders; there are others for note-taking. Have a look at Trello,, Ticktick, and Asana.

If you are managing more long-term projects with a team, consider some tools like Miro, Monday, and Smartsheet. This will streamline the entire process of task completion with the integration of fully collaborative work among all team members.

While you’re at it, find a tool that will block you from those sites you love to visit for some downtime fun and entertainment.

Your Social Life

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is an old truism. If you do not mark out some time for a social life, you will find that your work productivity is reduced. Having some balance in your life refreshes you, improves your mood, and gives you a far more positive attitude.

Fortunately, technology has also entered the field of dating and romance via online dating. This phenomenon has exploded over recent decades and offers a streamlined, efficient, and fun way to meet others, chat with them, and get to know one another in digital space before making actual in-person dates. This certainly is preferable to wasting time at singles bars hoping to meet up with someone who may share your interests and the type of relationship you might be looking for. Find one or more of these online dating sites and have some fun exploring the possibilities.

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The Takeaway

We are all busier than we would like to be. And we all have to find ways to “work smarter, not harder.” These few tips are just the beginning. As you start to explore the ways that you can personally be more productive, you will find the resources and tools that will work for you. Go forth and be the productive person you want to be.