5 Time-Saving Tips to Become a PowerPoint Advanced User

Anyone can build a presentation through PowerPoint, but to create an excellent presentation, you need to work faster and wiser with PowerPoint. PowerPoint has many tools, each with a different purpose. However, you need to learn to use them properly; otherwise, it may lead to a poor presentation, distracting the audience from your content. 

The ideal presentation should blend into the background to help you and make your message clearer to the audience. Therefore, continue reading to learn some PowerPoint presentation tips that can aid you in a good presentation.

Tip #1 – Showing Guides and Ruler

Consistency is the key to an ideal PowerPoint deck. A perfect PowerPoint presentation will have all of your slides’ material adequately aligned. Therefore, please ensure that you have turned on the on-screen visual references from PowerPoint, particularly the horizontal and vertical rulers, layout grid lines, and drawing guides while you make a presentation. It will improve your ability to see objects that need to be arranged or moved for better display, assisting you in creating and delivering presentations that are more effective.

You can use the ruler to determine the distances among the objects. On the other hand, guides will help you align objects (horizontally or vertically) and configure the picture to the grid or in any shape properties. 

Select the “Guides” option to display the guidelines by checking the box under the “View” menu or right-clicking on the presentation slide. Then, you may explore further as per your requirement. It is also crucial to know that all these features for slide layout will not appear when you get a hard copy of your PowerPoint presentation or if it’s shown as a slideshow.

Tip #2 – Using Presentation Templates

Building a presentation from scratch takes a lot of effort and time. But fortunately, presentation templates are now within your reach. Presentation templates have a predesigned layout; you just have to provide the content. 

For example, if you look at marketing presentation templates, you’ll find a Roadmap Template. Roadmap templates are essential for project management and project planning presentations.

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Therefore, stop stressing about lack of knowledge of graphic design techniques, and use a template to create a presentation rather than starting from scratch. Then, select the relevant one, fill in the blanks with your details, and you’re good to go. This way, you’ll save time to practice delivering it.

Tip #3 – Removing background from images

A dull presentation can be made fascinating by altering its background. Hence, work on your slide’s backgrounds. Never leave your presentation with the default white slide background, as it will make you look careless and unorganized. 

It would be beneficial to go for a textured dark background as that will make the components stand out, keeping your audience interested. However, ensure that the background doesn’t obstruct the information on your slide.

You can use a neutral background, reusing it for multiple slides. Save the distinctive eye-catchy background for the title slide instead of using it for each slide, making it a unifying design. If you find it a hassle, you can find pre-built presentation templates regarding your concern subject matter.

Tip #4 – Moving through objects in a slide

The more objects you have in one place, the harder it gets to find them, but in PowerPoint, you can manage it all. Press the “Tab” button to find an item swiftly. By doing this, the selection iterates through every slide object. If you have piled a couple of things in groups, Tab selects the group before going through the individual objects.

Tip #5 – Inserting images, crop & reshape

You may have encountered high-resolution photographs too large to fit on a slide, and you might remove them. Or, sometimes, you want to crop it to highlight the image’s most important features. Fortunately, you can cut and modify images in PowerPoint very easily, so no more dull professional templates.

To crop the image, click on the “Picture Format” from the options menu by clicking the image and then “Crop.” Next, drag the cropping handles that appear to select the region you want to maintain. The shaded area you see will be omitted from the image. Once the necessary location is chosen, clicking Esc will save the modifications. However, to ensure that the image is cropped equally, hold CTRL and then crop the image.

Besides, PowerPoint also enables you to crop existing photos into new forms to develop bespoke shapes for your presentation. After selecting Crop, select “Crop to Shape,” then choose the shape you want and see the photograph molded.

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Although many more tools in PowerPoint might help you construct your presentation deck more quickly and efficiently, the five tips discussed above are among the best, particularly presentation templates. Having pre-built layouts will help you save a lot of your time. So, consider applying these suggestions to get done with presentations in a much more manageable way while standing out among the rest.