“You’re doing it the right way”: Patrick Mahomes lives by this advice Tom Brady gave himself after the AFC Championship loss to the Patriots

Patrick Mahomes Arguably one of the most talented quarterbacks, his ability to throw the ball is unmatched. As with many young quarterbacks, veterans mentor them and teach them the tricks of the trade. College football is very different from the NFL, where you play against grown men who only have one job and that is playing football. Mahomes spent an entire season on the bench when he entered the league behind veterinarian Alex Smith.

Smith raised him well and gave his best, once Mahomes got a chance to play, there was no turning back. Kansas City Chiefs after that, they found their franchise QB for the next ten years. Mahomes has said many times that Smith helped him a lot and relied on his guidance. In the post-match interview for ‘The Match’, which ended on June 1, Mahomes said: Talked to TNTs Ernie Johnson and explained how Tom Brady He also played a role in grooming.

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“It was a surreal feeling”: Patrick Mahomes after getting advice from Tom Brady

Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady
Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady

The Chiefs faced Brady and the Patriots in a 2019 AFC Championship game and played well but lost to them, with the final score 31-37 in favor of the Patriots. After this match, Tom Brady gave some advice to Mahomes, who had never experienced this level of pressure and competition before. So what was this advice?

Talking about how important an inseparable mentorship from his veterinarians is, Mahomes said: “Obviously I want to leave behind a similar situation with me and Alex (Smith) and I know that mentoring is also on the agenda this season. I think he said the biggest thing young people should want to learn, I think it’s the young man’s job rather than the young man’s teaching us that the young man is learning from these men.” mahomes stated.

“Just like when I mentioned Tom (Brady) talking to me, I think the biggest thing he said was ‘You’re doing it the right way.’ It wasn’t about how I was in his pocket; the basics. He just said, ‘Hey, you’re doing the right thing. Just keep going.’ And it showed for me that the hard work I’ve shown is the right thing. I need to keep doing it. Do more.” Mahomes notes that this advice has helped him play well and stay consistent in everything he does.

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When asked about how he felt after hearing GOAT say this to him, QB didn’t hold back. “It was a surreal feeling, frankly, because he didn’t win a Super Bowl because I watched him grow up and I can’t remember. I just lost and couldn’t make it to the Super Bowl in my first year, which was the end of what I thought was a chance to go out there and get a ring. But then when I heard that “ Mahomes is finished.

After a fantastic rookie season, with Mahomes losing against the greatest player to ever make it, you’re naturally disappointed and who wouldn’t want to beat TB12 in their first year in the league? Tom’s advice seems to have been the impetus for Patrick Mahomes ever since.

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