“Will Mayfield play for the Bucs?”: Tampa Bay GM Jason Licht hints at Baker Mayfield’s inclusion as Tom Brady’s backup

this Cleveland Browns He’s had a disastrous 2021 season, and one man in particular who made terrible back-to-back starts was Baker Mayfield. Baker was expected to lead his side to victory, but he couldn’t find his rhythm throughout the season and was caught off-guard by even mediocre defences.

As a result, he was ruthlessly trolled, and speculation began to surface that the Browns might want to set him free. Recently, the Browns have signed with Deshaun Watson and are ready to trade Mayfield in the near future.

“We will add a senior QB to the team”: Jason Licht at Baker Mayfield

baker mayfield
baker mayfield

It may not be clear exactly where Baker will go, but many suggest he may eventually face the mighty Bucs. Commenting on the same, Jason Licht, general manager of Tampa Bay, said a few words about SiriusXM’s “Mad Dog Sports Radio.”

I don’t want to talk about a player who is currently on the roster of another team, but we can still add an experienced point guard.Licht suggested that the rumors might indeed turn out to be true. “We’ll have to see how it goes here.”, added Licht.

Indeed, Blaine Gabbert had been used as Brady’s backup for two seasons, and they also picked up second-year QB Kyle Trask as an alternative. It’s possible that Brady will retire again after the end of the 2022 season, so to ensure the team doesn’t suddenly fall off a cliff, actually Mayfield to get him used to team culture.

Licht also talked a lot about Kyle Trask during the show. “Kyle is someone we’re really excited about, and his progress as a backup quarterback last year is learning from behind Tom, learning from behind Blaine. We are really excited for him and I think he will continue to evolve.,” added.

It will be interesting to see if the Bucs finally decide to go after Mayfield.

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