“I wanted to end my life”: Broncos WR KJ Hamler reflects the DARKEST phase of his life

The Denver Broncos drafted WR KJ Hamler in the 2nd round of the 2019 NFL draft, but it hasn’t been easy for him since he was drafted. During his professional career, he played only 16 games with 6 starts as he suffered from injury after WR.

That wasn’t all, as not only did Hamler suffer a torn anterior cruciate ligament and hip dislocation in Week 3 of the Broncos’ 2021 season, but his grandmother died at the age of 83 during post-recovery hip surgery.

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“I wish I had asked for help”: KJ Hamler

KJ Hamler
KJ Hamler

He is left in a dark place after losing his grandmother, whom he calls the love of his life, and the woman who raised him, Hamler. Undoubtedly, he was in a place that made him question life. said…

I wish I had asked for help because it has been at some point in my life – and I’ll be honest with you all because I’m more confident and more vulnerable just by saying it. At some point, I didn’t want to be here. I didn’t want to be in this world. There was a point where I didn’t want to hear her voice anymore because I lost my grandmother, and it really hurt me. God gave me the strength to get out of that hole because he knew I was strong enough to get through. [it].

I didn’t feel like I was at that moment. Just getting out of that hole was very difficult, very difficult. It was a difficult process to even stack it all together. Just to see where I was from where I started and where I am now, [it’s] there has been a big change. I’m proud of myself and I know my grandma is proud

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KJ Hamler

Hamler didn’t get the help he needed at first and didn’t want it, but he did, and it’s better to be late than never. “At the end of the day, I talked more. I was in therapy. I looked into therapy. I talk more to my guys, I’ve talked to my mom, I’ve talked to my dad and all the people who care about me here because I don’t have a family here. [I’m] I’m just trying my best to be a better version of myself

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Now Hamler is in a better place and said-“I am no longer afraid to show that I have experienced those things. … Football brought me back to life, I am grateful.”

Hamler’s acceptance comes at a time when the NFL and the world as a whole are recognizing the importance of mental health in life and trying to get better as a society ahead of mental health awareness.

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