‘This is the worst call I’ve ever seen’ Stephen A Smith denounced call by passerby as ‘awful’ and backed Tom Brady for being ‘soft’

Stephen A Smith is known for his brutal demeanor and open demeanor as his victim this time GOAT is Tom Brady himself. Smith criticized the Bucs QB for his behavior when the Falcons were knocked down by the defender and called for the call when it was a clean interception.

Smith described it as the worst call he’s ever seen and also called the referees for bad refereeing methods. In the Falcons-Bucs match, referee Jerome Boger gave a stern appeal to passersby for Falcons defender Grady Jarrett for a sack that looked as clean as possible.

The timing of the call didn’t help either, as the Falcons DL tried to screw up with only three minutes to go and, if given, would be handed back to the Falcons, who could try to reclaim the dominance and eventually win the game.

This became the most talked about topic on Twitter as it also overshadowed the game itself. When Tom Brady was asked about the call, he said bluntly, “I’m not throwing the flags.” Fair enough for Brady but it was he who rushed to the referee to throw the flag.

When referee Jeremy Boger was asked about the controversial call, he defended his decision with these words: “What I had was that the defender caught the quarterback while he was still in his pocket and threw it unnecessarily,” “I was making my decision based on that.”

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‘Tom Brady should be ashamed of himself’: Stephen A Smith summons Bucs QB for controversial call

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

There have been many controversial calls in the NFL this season, but Tom Brady If he was involved in this incident, it was inevitable that he would make some headlines.

Stephen A Smith said that Tom Brady should be ashamed of himself as he ran to the referee to make a call, and Smith also pointed out that this is the same as Tom Brady, who admitted at a press conference that a certain game was too bland.

Stephen A Smith thinks Tom Brady is despondent with age and the lack of wins the Bucs currently have, but according to many, what Brady did is not wrong because he wanted to win and getting a call would get him there. Someone else would have done it in his place.

It’s fair to say that Tom Brady isn’t what he used to be, but that doesn’t mean you can count them as the greatest QB of all time. Probably with his final season in the NFL, the QB will probably do anything to get his 8th Super Bowl ring.

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