“This is Gross!!”: Former NFL star Chris Long accidentally mouths a can of SPIT

Christopher Howard Long has made a name for himself in the NFL world. The former American football linebacker played for 11 or so seasons in the NFL, giving his fans countless moments to cheer.

It would not be wrong to say that football runs in Long’s family. His father, Howie Long, a Hall of Famer defender, dominated the game in his days, and his brother, Kyle Long, also had an impressive career.

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Chris Long accidentally smokes a box of saliva and tobacco

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Chris Long

He played college football for a long time in Virginia and impressed everyone with his performances and, not surprisingly, was recognized as an All-American. First introduced in 2008 in St. He was brought in by the Louis Rams and then played for the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

This time, however, Chris covered something he did.Green Light with Chris Long” show. During the show, Long mistakenly took a box, thinking it had water in it, and swallowed the spit and chewed tobacco.

As soon as possible Chris Realizing what had happened, she ran to the bathroom.spit out saliva.” Long’s aides were in no condition to forgive him after this blunder. “will you vomit?! That would be great! Do it on camera!“One of them claimed. The good thing is, Chris came back and finished the podcast.

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