‘They won’t cut Baker because they’re CLOWNSHOW Browns’: Skip Bayless mocks Browns for handling Baker Mayfield situation

The Cleveland Browns are playing a different game, the rules of which only they understand. The team is full of quarterbacks right now. Apart from Deshaun Watson, there are Baker Mayfield, Jacoby Brissett and Joshua Dobbs. They plan to launch Deshaun, but his future hangs in the balance as the NFL is still investigating him and has yet to reveal the amount of the penalty. The Browns plan to make their next move once they have a solid idea of ​​what will happen to Watson. Until then, they want to keep Baker Mayfield as their insurance policy.

No team has traded for Baker Mayfield yet, partly because Cleveland wants a lot from him, the team that trades for him will have to top the $18 million mark, and according to league rumors, the locker room behavior isn’t the best either. Cleveland hopes to somehow persuade Baker to return in case Watson is unable to play this season. But the team’s policy isn’t the best, and has been widely criticized by everyone for saying Baker openly wants to leave.

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‘Time to cut Baker but they won’t’: Skip Bayless doesn’t think Browns will release Baker Mayfield

baker mayfield
Baker Mayfield is in a difficult situation with no clear end in sight

This situation is unique because nobody knows what will happen, on the one hand the player does not want to be in that organization but the team does not want to leave. FOX Sports analyst Skip Bayless He believes the Browns organization has tarnished his own reputation with how he handled this whole fiasco.

My hashtag has gone from #FreeBaker to #CutBaker but they’re not going to do that because they’re the Clownshow Browns. We still have 6-7 weeks before bootcamp starts and there’s still a thing called a pay cap in the NFL.” Skip continues:This was the biggest off-season chicken game in league history as the rest of the league pushed Clownshow to cut it.

Skip believes that even if Baker stays on the roster, no one wants to see him at training camp. “It can go all the way to camp, but they don’t want Baker Mayfield to come to camp, quarterback rooms are full, three levels deep, one level $230 million deep. (Deshaun Watson)

Skip goes so far as to say that teams in the league are worried about the salary cap and do not want to take that responsibility on themselves. Baker may be seeing other teams as well because he wants to be cut for his own good, and no team would care to have him if they’re getting him for free. Skip believes possible targets for Baker are Miami and Atlanta, as he is clearly better than Mariotta, and Seattle is another place they can use quarterback. “There are all kinds of opportunities out there, but no one wants to threaten their borders by paying him $18-19 million. They’re waiting because there’s still time to wait for Cleveland to be pushed into the opening of the training camp corner, and then they have no choice but to trade him.”

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It’s hard to say what the future holds for Baker, but given that he wants to leave, he’ll most likely get his way and his money, and hopefully get into a team where he can show his true potential.

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