“THEY WIN FIRST!”: Stephen A Smith stunned by Marcus Spears’ Dallas Cowboys vs Mavericks comparison

The National Football League (NFL) and the National Basketball Association (NBA) are two of the most popular sports leagues, not only in the United States but all over the world.

Therefore, it is natural to think that there will be millions of fans following the teams in these two leagues. At the same time, the question will arise which team (basketball or football) from a partner city will bring more success.

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Marcus Spears backs Dallas Mavericks over Cowboys

Dallas cowboys
Dallas cowboys

Marcus Spears recently appeared on First Take to discuss who would win first place – the Dallas Mavericks or the Cowboys. Marcus Spears spoke entirely in favor of the Mavericks and Dallas cowboys.

You know who I’m going to first here, Dallas Mavericks. And we’ve seen what the problem is this time and here, which team will win a championship first – the Dallas Mavericks. A Mavericks has a part to build around it, and we’re maybe just a few steps away from making it to the Western Conference finals.said Marcus Spears. Stephen A Smith was absolutely shocked when Marcus Spears and his astonishment put out a huge “WOW”.

Number two, when you look at the NBA, we’re back this time, we’ve seen LeBron and AD go to LA after lousy years and win a Championship – it’s about talent in the NBA. Talent meets the right coach. I think there’s a lot of talent around Jason Kidd.”

And we question the Dallas Cowboys every year, and now we’re questioning, is Jerry Jones doing the right thing to put the Cowboys in the right position? We don’t even know if they’ll win the league this year, let alone a Superbowl.”

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