“Theft of the Century!” – Skip Bayless believes the Broncos are ‘back to work’ after taking on Russell Wilson from Seattle

The entire NFL world was stunned yesterday when it was announced that Russell Wilson had been traded to the Denver Broncos for multiple first-round picks. While there were rumors of trade talks swirling around Wilson, none of them were concrete as Seattle wasn’t interested in trading him.

This is why the entire league was shocked when they learned of Wilson’s trade to the Broncos. on talk show Undisputedco-host Skip Bayless talked about the “steal of the century” while revealing the Broncos’ incredible move and how it got them into the Super Bowl race once again.

“It’s a quarterback game” – Skip Bayless thinks adding Russell Wilson to the Broncos improves their chances of winning the Super Bowl

Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson

Skip Bayless said he left like it was a bad dream and will wake up soon, and after hearing about Russell Wilson’s trade, he realized that it wasn’t actually. “This is a quarterback game” he said jump. “Listen, seriously, there are only a handful of quarterbacks who can take a team to the Super Bowl.” Skip said this new term has been completed under a QB. Back in the days, it was the defense that took a team to the Super Bowl.

“You have to have one of the top QBs to lift you up and get you to a Super Bowl. So, no price is too high, it just doesn’t matter. That’s why your Denver Broncos got the steal of the century. highway robbery. The Broncos are so back in business.” Jump added.

With the addition of perennial Pro Bowl QB Russell Wilson, the Broncos’ odds of making it to the Super Bowl have skyrocketed from 20-1 to 12-1. The Broncos have a much better-armed arsenal than the Settle Seahawks. Now that the Broncos have bought Wilson, AFC West has become the most capable and dangerous division in AFC. The Broncos may be the team to ‘win it all’ in the 2022 season!

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