The Titans have had Josh Lambo’s lawsuit against the Jaguars and former HC Urban Meyer dismissed by a Florida State Judge.

Josh LamboThe former Jacksonville Jaguars outfielder is suing the team and former HC Mark Urban for violating state laws by creating a hostile work environment that is difficult for Lambo to deal with.

Lambo claimed that it made Urban’s life at work difficult, which affected his ability to train, sleep and perform well in games. The former Jaguars shot was reportedly kicked and harassed by his HC.

Lambo filed the lawsuit as he went through a turbulent time, both mentally and physically. The person filing the lawsuit was seeking any reimbursement, legal fees, and compensation owed when he filed the lawsuit.

However, this did not go in his favor as his case was quickly dismissed by the Duval County Judge, as the Jaguars made a 439-page motion to dismiss the stated case. “Lambo is not an informant or a victim of retaliation. Instead of, [Lambo] In the complaint, the club admits that he quit his job because of his poor performance on the football field.” The proposal has been read. “Based solely on Urban Meyer’s alleged criminal acts and not on any policy, practice or activity of the club.”

Lambo’s lawsuit alleges that Urban Meyer assaulted the shooter both mentally and physically. Former Jaguars had threatened to release the HC de Lambo while talking to him.

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Josh Lambo released by the Jaguars and signed for the Titans

Josh Lambo
Josh Lambo (Image via AP News)

Josh Lambo His lawsuit against the Jaguars resulted in him being released by the team, but the team noted that the Lambo’s performance had dropped significantly and it looked like a shell from the shooter’s early years.

Still, Lambo wasn’t out of business as long as he signed with the Titans, who were also fierce rivals to the Jaguars. The 31-year-old will make his debut against the Packers in their next game.

Lambo is widely considered one of the most accurate shooters in the league, so the sudden drop in form took everyone by surprise. The Titans’ lawyer will now file an amended complaint after their case was dismissed by the judge.

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