“That was my twin” NBC analyst Chris Collinsworth accuses his twin of frying Sunday Night Football host Melissa Stark

Chris Collinsworth has been known to make jokes at Sunday Night Football, and that’s part of the reason the former NFL player has been in the booth for over a decade. He may have gone a little too far this time.

Chris Collinsworth was in the commentary booth for Sunday Night Football during the Packers-Bears game and decided to play a few jokes. Collinsworth decided that his target would be new host Melissa Stark and joked about her punctuality.

There are two clocks in the Packers stadium, one showing the real time and the other set a few minutes ahead to always encourage the Packers legendary coach Vince Lombardi.

Chris Collinsworth took this opportunity of two hours and said: “And here it is Melissa Stark time,” He drew a yellow line on the clock that read 10:06, as if signaling that his colleague was running late.

Melissa Stark was surprised at the joke and said she didn’t understand. She was also offended by the promise of punctuality and said she was always on time because it was new. “Wait, what does that mean?” she asked. “This is very rude.”

“I am the new member of the group and I am always on time.” Melissa Stark said she was defending her position.

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“He wasn’t me, he was my doppelganger”: Chris Collinsworth blames his twin for vulgar joke against Melissa Stark

Chris Collinsworth
“That was my twin” NBC analyst Chris Collinsworth accuses his twin of frying host Melissa Stark on Sunday Night Football 2

Chris Collinsworth She stood up and said it was her twin, which confused Melissa as she thought there was another person in the cabin adding another layer to the joke.

Chris Collinsworth is currently in his 14th season of Sunday Night Football. Prior to that, Collinsworth was a WR in the NFL for eight seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Although Melissa Stark is Sunday Night Football’s side reporter, she had tons of experience working with the NFL network.

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