“STOP showing replays” Patrick Mahomes blasts ESPN for showing replays of Texas Tech injury

Patrick Mahomes It did not fail to denounce ESPN for showing the brutal injury of Bryce Ramirez at a college football game on national television. The game was between Texas Tech and the state of NC, where Tech’s LB Ramirez suffered a horrific leg injury.

Patrick Mahomes took to Twitter to respond to ESPN y “We have to stop showing such repetitions…” Chiefs QB got to the point because it’s a brutal injury and shouldn’t be televised so casually for people to watch.

Too often people put fun before people’s lives. After viewing the photo on Twitter, people had the same reaction, saying it was the worst injury ever seen on television.

Patrick Mahomes also sent prayers for young LB Ramirez, who was hospitalized off the field in the first quarter of his college football game. Many players wished LB a good recovery and conveyed their well wishes as Ramirez was removed from the field.

This isn’t the first time ESPN or other TV streaming services have shown graphic footage of the NFL on live TV. There should be a rule to stop the live broadcast when such an injury occurs in the middle of the game.

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‘Prayers man’: Patrick Mahomes wishes Bryce Ramirez a speedy recovery

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“STOP showing replays” Patrick Mahomes blasts ESPN for showing 2 replays of Texas Tech injury

Ramirez was injured in the first quarter of the match. During a brawl, several players rolled over Ramirez’s legs and his knee was bent abnormally. The game was immediately stopped and help was called. His leg was closed immediately after the injury occurred.

LB was taken to the WakeMed hospital after being on the field for 10 minutes before being driven away. Ramirez was conscious during the ordeal and also shook hands with his teammates before heading to the hospital.

Patrick Mahomes had good reason to denounce ESPN because it was a repeated habit by them. Using someone’s hard quiz for more views isn’t the point of the sport.

Patrick Mahomes is getting off to a fast start this season as the Chiefs have won both games against the Cardinals and Chargers. Mahomes wants to be the MVP this season and is also leading his team for a Super Bowl run.

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