Skip Bayless has an early and BOLD prediction for the Super Bowl LVII winner.

Skip Bayless As the season started with an important win, he made his predictions for the upcoming SuperBowl. buffalo bills on the defending SuperBowl Champs LA Coaches. Bayless had neither team. final match although they are both heavy favourites.

Skip Bayless recently declared Joe Burrow the Cincinnati Bengals QB the next GOAT in the NFL. Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes and buffalo bills‘ Josh Allen and he again seemed to have turned down both of these outstanding QBs with his prediction for the teams to face in the Super Bowl in February.

Skip Bayless sees Burrow-Brady go head-to-head at SuperBowl LVII

Skip Bayless picks Brady-Burrow for Super Bowl
Skip Bayless picks Brady-Burrow for Super Bowl

This season is quite interesting as there are a lot of questions about multiple teams like the Buccaneers QB. Tom Brady in the right mindset with reports of troubles in his personal life and his last retirement-retirement, Cincinnati Bengals really, or last season was just a coincidence, Russell Wilson, Matt Ryan, Carson Wentz, baker mayfieldand Deshaun Watson ready to lead their new team etc.

With so many questions to answer Skip Bayless recently made her choices for her Final match. He showed a lot of confidence in Joe Burrow and the Bengals’ Cinderella race last season, with only the bravest dare to count Brady, but concerns with both teams are legit.

No one can say what will happen, but as Skip predicted, the Bengals vs Buccaneers would be an interesting matchup, and considering Burrow was 5 years old when Brady won his first Super Bowl, it’s going to be a generational clash. While Burrow is in season 3 and Brady may be his last, with him you never know, it would be a great game to watch but bills, coaches, chefsand many other teams will have a lot to say about it.

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