‘Should be suspended immediately’ Saint RB Alvin Kamara faces $10M lawsuit for brutally assaulting a man in Vegas

Alvin Kamara has been accused of brutally beating a man outside a Las Vegas casino during the 2022 Pro Bowl weekend. Saints RB are facing criminal and civil charges.

Alvin Kamara was recently praised on social media for calling out a young high school student who used racial slurs in his DMs, and just days after that, Kamara faced a lawsuit that could cost him around $10 million.

The plaintiff is Darnell Greene Jr. of Houston. was determined to be. According to the lawsuit, before Greene, Kamara and their friends fled the scene, the victim was shot several times after being unconscious for more than 2 minutes.

Greene later suffered injuries to his orbital lobe, head, shoulders, back, knees, and face. The case also includes horrific-looking pictures of the beaten Green.

It all started with Greene standing in the elevator queue with Saints RB Alvin Kamara and Chiefs DB Chris Lammons and a few friends. Kamara allegedly forced Greene into the elevator and pushed him against the wall.

Greene tried to flee the scene, but Alvin Kamara followed and hit the victim multiple times before he fell to the ground. Greene was hit 3 more times while on the ground. Kamara and his friends then fled the scene through the back exit.

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Darnell Greene Jr. sued Alvin Kamara for $10 million in physical and mental damages.

Alvin Kamara
Alvin Kamara

Alvin Kamara He is currently facing battery and assault charges that sentenced him to suspension for 6 games or more under the NFL’s core suspension order under his personal conduct policy.

The $10 million lawsuit filed by Green includes $5 million for pain and suffering, facial disfigurement and mental anguish. Another $5 million was filed for pre- and post-trial fees and all court costs and fees.

The lawsuit also includes the words of Alvin Kamara, who was bought by Greene’s legal team. “I contacted [expletive]his jaw is too hard” and “this shit sounded like [expletive] He was hit with a baseball bat.” Kamara allegedly spoke in a vehicle about the incident.

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If Alvin Kamara is found guilty of all charges, then Saints RB will have a hard time managing civil and criminal cases and could also face a serious penalty from the NFL.

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