Sean McVay HIGHLIGHTED offensive issues for the Rams after their Super Bowl victory.

The Los Angeles Rams are the reigning Super Bowl champions and are expected to run for it this season as well. However, things haven’t been going well for the Rams this season, especially for the offensive side of their game.

The Rams’ 37-year-old head coach, Sean McVay, explained why they didn’t get any more touchdowns and why they had several losses in their first four games. Adding to these problems, they haven’t scored more than 20 goals in their last few games.

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Sean McVay isn’t giving up on the Rams offense this early in the season

Sean McWay
Sean McWay

“I’m not going to sit here and maybe make excuses as to why we didn’t do what we expected, but there’s a lot of football to be played.” Sean McVay said on Tuesday, Official transcript of the team.

The head coach also claimed that his team had the mental strength to overcome their first struggles on offense. Considering the Los Angeles Rams will face the Dallas Cowboys in Week 5, McVay will have to turn things around soon.

“The story has not been written yet. We have a say in how this story is written, but to make sure you continue to keep your spirits high and don’t let some expectations get in the way of enjoying and competing at the highest level in the first quarter or four games is definitely something to watch out for. But I have a good feeling for this team. We have a great mentality and we need to keep fighting and stay in the moment.” Sean McVay finished the Rams offensive challenge.

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