Robert Griffin’s wife, Grete Griffin, brutally calls out all ‘thirsty women’ in her husband’s DMs: “They don’t know I’m running their social media”

Robert Griffin III was a leading QB in the NFL for eight years. Griffin played for many teams, notably the Washington Commanders. Recently, Robert Griffin’s wife took to TikTok to toast all the ‘thirsty women’ who landed on her husband’s DMs.

Grete Griffin made and headlined a video on TikTok about Lady Gaga’s son ‘Paparazzi’. “The thirsty women in my husband’s DM don’t know I’m managing his social media.” Robert Griffin’s wife also ended the video with the hashtag ‘thirsty’ and added ‘you’re kidding’.

Former NFL QB wrote that former Baltimore Raven QB Robert Griffin had a heartwarming reaction to his wife’s video. “You are the greatest.” Robert Griffin also added some smiley ace emojis.

The couple, who have been married since 2008, have two daughters. Gloria, 5 and Gameya, 2. Robert Griffin has another 7 year old daughter with his Ex-girlfriend.

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Robert Griffin and Grete Griffin are expecting their third daughter together

Robert Griffin
“They don’t know I’m managing their social media” Robert Griffin’s wife Grete Griffin brutally calls out all ‘thirsty women’ in her husband’s DMs

Robert GriffinHis wife is a fitness enthusiast and the couple regularly post photos and videos of each other on social media. They are currently expecting their third child together, a baby girl.

Robert Griffin had a glorious eight seasons in the NFL. The former QB had a notable tenure with the Washington Commanders and also spent brief terms with teams like the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns.

Robert Griffin also won the Heisman Cup and was the AP – Offensive rookie of the Year when Denver Broncos’ Russell Wilson also competed.

Because of these many awards and a notable career in the NFL, it’s safe to assume that Robert Griffin was popular with the ladies and his wife Grete Griffin had to step in to stop all the thirsty women circulating in their DMs.

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