Pittsburgh Steelers fan dies tragically after falling off escalator at Acrisure stadium during Jets NFL clash

The Pittsburgh Steelers didn’t have a great day on and off the court. The Steelers lost 24-20 at home to the New York Jets and things took a turn for the worse off the court as some tragic news came in.

The Pittsburgh People’s Police announced after the defeat that an unidentified man suffered critical injuries after falling from an escalator at Acrisure Stadium on Sunday night. The incident was reported to have occurred around 4:45 PM ET, and the man eventually died from his injuries despite all efforts to get him to a local hospital.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers franchise has released a statement regarding the death of the fan inside the Acrisure Stadium.

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Pittsburgh Steelers fan tragically dies after falling off escalator at Acrisure stadium during Jets NFL clash 2

“We are aware of an unfortunate incident that occurred at Acrisure Stadium today,” the Steelers said in a statement via the Associated Press. “We are working with local authorities and assisting with their investigation into the matter. We send our thoughts and prayers to the guest’s family.”

Police continued to investigate what caused the man to fall down the escalator, but found nothing substantial in the matter. They haven’t found any links to help them trace the identity of the Pittsburgh Steelers fan and will continue to pursue the truth.

The Pittsburgh Steelers failed to get their best start to the NFL 2022/23 campaign, falling to a record 1-3 after their defeat to the New York Jets. They took a 13-10 lead in the last quarter of the game as Zach Wilson worked his magic.

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