Odell Beckham Jr. files massive $20 million lawsuit against Nike for breach of contract

Odel Beckham Jr. a talented WR currently looking for a club. The former Rams athlete was released by the team due to an ACL injury he suffered last season. OBJ almost recovered from his injury as there were multiple clubs interested in signing the 30-year-old. While OBJ has been in the news lately due to the enthusiasm of fans to see new beginnings for this superstar WR, there has recently been a development around him that marks the end of one of his associations.

OBJ signed a contract extension with Nike in 2017 as his old contract expired. WR has always loved the athletic sportswear brand as it has legendary athletes like Michael Jordan and Cristiano Ronaldo under his contract.

Things were going well for Odell and Nike until 2022, when their relationship began to deteriorate. Although Odell claimed that the company withheld $2 million for various reasons, the company owed approximately $2.6 million to WR.

OBJ wanted to switch to Adidas in 2017, but his brand equity and ties to great athletes led him to sign an extension that he now regrets. “My dream came true when Nike used its first refusal to keep up with Adidas’ bid and made me not only a Nike Athlete but also one of its Brand Icons.” Beckham said in a statement. TMZ.

Free agent WR has now decided to take the matter to court, as he believes the sportswear brand owes him too much money and that it is impossible for him to trigger various parts of the deal.

“Unfortunately, Nike did not deliver on its commitments. Throughout our partnership, I have kept my word and fulfilled my obligations to the brand. I am extremely disappointed that I had to take these measures to ensure Nike lives up to its obligations and promises.” odell said Declaration.

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Nike withholds payment of Odell Beckham Jr. for equipment violations

Odel Beckham Jr.
Odel Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. has always been a class apart in the NFL. Free agent WR is known for his style and charm. However, Nike did not like this behavior and decided to respond to OBJ by withholding approximately $2 million.

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Nike withheld money for alleged Odell Beckham Jr.’s tampering with and customizing the equipment. While there’s good reason for this, his team’s colors and OBJ’s gloves have always had a personal style all their own, as the brand’s boots didn’t match.

Numerous reports indicate that Nike withholding its money pressured OBJ to sign a new, less lucrative deal, but had none of it because OBJ filed a lawsuit against them.

“Today I am taking a stand to set a precedent not only for myself, but for all athletes who have dedicated their lives to the sport they love, especially those who do not have the strength to defend themselves. We are held accountable for meeting our obligations under our contracts, but we also have to hold powerful companies like Nike accountable to delivering on their commitments.” Odell Beckham Jr. said in a statement.

Odell Beckham Jr. has launched an interesting initiative where athletes need to talk about violations by big brands, thinking they’re not going to do anything about it.

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