NFL Twitter says “There’ll never be anything like TB12” on Tom Brady’s surprising decision not to retire amid divorce rumors

Tom Brady‘ retirement has been in the news for years, but QB continues to defy expectations and has been performing exceptionally well from season to season.

Fans were disappointed when Brady announced his retirement last season, but they were happy to know that TB12 had reached an age where it was extremely difficult to play at the highest level. Surprisingly, Tom Brady did not retire and rejoined the NFL in pursuit of an 8th Super Bowl ring.

This move by Tom Brady can be considered the most controversial move of the QB, which caused a lot of drama. Rejoining the NFL kicks off the marital drama with his wife Gisele As Bucs wanted QB to spend more time with his family and now the marriage seems to have gone too far.

At a press conference recently, Tom Brady was asked about the mid-season retirement rumors circulating on social media. The legendary QB answered frankly, “There is no retirement in my future” to everyone’s surprise.

Just when everyone is thinking that Tom Brady is done and retiring because the team isn’t doing well, he comes out and says. The Bucs are off to their worst start with Brady as QB and his personal life is falling into oblivion, but Tom Brady is optimistic enough to turn things around.

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Twitter reacts to Bucs QB Tom Brady’s candid statement about not retiring

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

Twitter was set on fire with this controversial statement. Tom Brady, and mixed reactions to his new decision. While this news isn’t surprising, as Brady has indicated he won’t be retiring at the start of the season, but people have swept the news either way.

Final marital drama with seven-time Super Bowl winner Gisele Bundchen It also made him think that he would retire mid-season to reconcile with his wife, but TB12 won’t give up.

Some people appreciated his decision and praised his bravery, but failed to understand how a 45-year-old player could still play at the top of the game and produce great numbers.

Some people were still in denial and believe that Brady is lying as he will retire anytime this season as this is his last season in the NFL.

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But most of the comments were only focused on Tom Brady’s health and looking really old. Some asked the QB to retire, while others made jokes about him.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will face the Carolina Panthers in Week 7 of the NFL and will try to improve their 3-3 record.

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