NFL Twitter hilariously wrote the Colts owner’s bizarre Jeff Saturday press conference announcement, “Am I listening to Joe Biden or Jim Irsay?”

The Indianapolis Colts are going through a tough phase as a franchise in the season. With the results not in their favour, owner Jim Irsay made the final decision on Monday to fire head coach Frank Reich.

The Colts are currently 3-5-1 this season and have had enough of three rebound losses. Jim Irsay to make hard calls. The Colts even announced an interim head coach that day, and the name stunned their fans, to say the least.

named Irsay Jeff Saturday as interim head coach, although the former Pro Bowl center had little head coaching experience. The only experience one had on Saturday was with the Hebron Christian Academy in Georgia.

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Jim Irsay has appointed the inexperienced Jeff Saturday as interim head coach in a move that raises many questions.

Jeff Saturday, appointed by Jim Irsay, will attempt to reverse the Colts' losing season following Frank Reich's departure.
Jeff Saturday will attempt to reverse the Colts’ losing season following Frank Reich’s departure.

However, as Irsay explained at the press conference, his lack of experience seemed to work in his favour. The press conference where Irsay made nasty comments to justify her choice was beautiful and something valued by the fans.

While most franchisees, or 99 percent of recruiters, want to hire people with some experience in the role, Jim Irsay seems to take a different route. With no coaching experience in the NFL on Saturday, he argued he wouldn’t be afraid in this highly competitive league, a comment that got a lot of backlash from fans.

He explained, “I’m glad he has no NFL experience. I’m glad you didn’t learn about fear in this league. Because it is difficult for all our coaches. They are afraid. They go to analysis. And it’s getting harder. It doesn’t have all of these. He has no fear.”

Fans also pointed out an error in the mathematical calculations Irsay made after claiming the Colts were among the top quartile winners. “Look, we’re the fourth highest-paid team in the league since 2000. This means that the top quartile of winners is within the top quartile of that top quarter.” said Irsay.

Twitter reactions to Jim Irsay’s bizarre press conference announcement

The Colts are currently 2nd in the AFC South and will face the Raiders next Sunday.

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