NFL Pro Leveon Bell Wants To Host The Biggest Smash Bros. Tournament Ever

Former NFL Star Leon Bell He announced on Twitter that he plans to host a new Smash bros tournament. Le’Veon claims that this tournament will be the biggest Super Smash Bros. Smash Bros has been a very popular game and people have been loving it since its release. Bell is one of the biggest Smash Bros. fans and is always found talking and playing games.

Bell also participated in many Smash Bros. tournaments and organized Box. The Box was a smash bros tournament held in the times of Covid-19 in May 2020. This was an entirely online event and Bell with Team Liquid and Hungrybox teamed up to organize this event with ease.

The box has a huge prize pool and was a complete success. After 2 years of The Box La’Veon, he decided to hold the biggest Smash Bros tournament ever and it is getting a good response from the community. Creators like Ludwig are also eager to join La’Veon in organizing this event. Bell had good experience with The Box organizers and wants to bring the same box experience offline.

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How LeVeon Bell Will Host The Biggest Smash Bros. Tournament Ever

LeVeon Bell To Host The Biggest Smash Bros. Tournament Ever
LeVeon Bell To Host The Biggest Smash Bros. Tournament Ever

While offline events can be a handful at times, they get a great response if well prepared and properly organized. Bell has ties to Team Liquid, so organizing the event with their help will not be difficult. In a recent tweet, Team Liquid supported Leveon Bell’s initiative and asked, ‘Is it time for us to set a new World Record?’ seems to say.

To be the biggest Smash Bros tournament, Bell needs to hold a bigger tournament than the Smash bros event at EVO. This year, players will see two global events, the Panda Cup and the Smash World Tour. Ludwig hosted an invited Smash Bros tournament that ran into unexpected problems and caused him a huge loss.

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The current world record for the largest Smash Bros event has +3500 entries and a prize pool of $160,000. LeVeon Bell is more than capable of doing this, players all over the world are now looking forward to this new event.

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