NFL Hall of Famer Brett Favre ‘MDHS to blame, NOT FAVRE’ for dismissing welfare lawsuit

Attorneys for NFL Hall of Famer and former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre have filed a petition by the Mississippi Department of Human Services to get relief from complaints against him and his company, Favre Enterprise. The motion was presented by attorney Eric Herschmann in the district court of Hinds County, Mississippi’s primary jurisdiction.

38 people were prosecuted MDHS To divert funds towards the less privileged in Mississippi, and quarterback is one of them. Brett Favre While her daughter was studying at the University of Mississippi, she was involved in a major scandal where she allegedly used public welfare funds to build volleyball courts.

Brett Favre has denied these allegations, but the so-called text messages between him and the governor indicate that he was trying to hide it. Approximately $77 million of MHDS’s Temporary Assistance for Families in Need (TANF) was misused and diverted.

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Brett Favre files for expulsion from welfare case

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Brett Favre

According to the motion submitted by Brett Favre’s attorneys, the person to be charged is the Mississippi Department of Human Services and all charges against Brett Favre and his company should be dropped with immediate effect. The resolution argues that MDHS is solely responsible for these funds and was not careful enough to see where they were being mis-spent.

Brett Favre did nothing wrong. MDHS [Mississippi Department of Human Services] He does not and cannot claim to have done so, and any claims against him and his company should be dismissed.stated in the proposal.

The motion also accuses MDHS of trying to tarnish the public image of ‘national celebrity’ Brett Favre. Throughout its arguments, the motion adheres to the fact that Brett Favre apparently ‘did nothing wrong’.

“It is clear that MDHS has sued Favre, a Mississippi and national celebrity, in an effort to deflect responsibility for its own egregious mistake by allowing $94 million of public funds to be misexploited – funds for which MDHS considers itself “exclusively responsible.” There is no factual or legal basis for including Favre in this lawsuit, or for inclusion in the flood of unfairly negative publicity about Favre, which MDHS has excessively incited with respect to Favre, which should have been directed to MDHS and not Favre.

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