‘I’ve been doing this forever’ Lions RB Jamaal Williams stunned after $13,261 fined for goal celebration dance against Vikings

Jamaal William was stunned and confused after he was fined $13,261 by the NFL for just dancing after scoring a goal. The celebration was reportedly offensive, and the NFL accused Lions RB of unsportsmanlike conduct.

There have been many controversial celebrations in the NFL this season, such as the Packers and Allen Lazard’s celebration of ayahuasca, but the NFL found it extremely offensive.

The incident happened when Jamaal Williams scored a goal against the Vikings, who later lost 28-24. Williams was pumping her hips up and down with added momentum.

This was very offensive and not kid-friendly according to the NFL, and Lions RB were fined a hefty $13,261. When Jamaal Williams was asked about the incident, he said he did it every time and got away with it.

“Man, I’ve been doing this forever” Williams said via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “So I was tripping up. I thought it was a hold call or something. It’s like, they flagged me for doing the dance I’ve been doing forever? Literally forever.”

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Jamaal Williams’ celebratory dance Key &

Jamal Williams
Jamal Williams

Key and Peele is a comedy sketch show at the comedy center. there were reports Jamal Williams copied his dance from the highly offensive show. Williams later said that these were his moves and that he did them before Key and Peele.

“I’ve been doing this forever. It’s now associated with my items (‘Key & Peele’) and there’s nothing against them, but it’s mine.” Jamaal Williams explained. “It’s my hips. And it’s not even repulsive. It’s more like a wave, you know? The push is more like[this]. Mine is more like a wave.”

Jamaal Williams believes he should get rid of it as it hasn’t been copied and has been doing it for a long time. “I’ve been avoiding him all these years. But now they want to arrest me for this? I was pissed off. I was upset and disappointed with myself that I gave the team a penalty – an unsportsmanlike penalty.” Jamal Williams added it.

As for the celebration, it has long been one of the most bizarre and unnecessary celebrations in the NFL.

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