“It’s all about the ring again” – Bruce Arians says Tom Brady’s return means all energy will be focused on winning another Super Bowl

Tom Brady announces his return to the NFL after 40 days of retirement. The news sounded like music to the ears of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers franchise, which welcomed him with open arms as the beacon of the 2022 season.

The 44-year-old QB, who failed to make it to the Super Bowl last year, announced that he was retiring from the game to spend more time with his family. The move shook the Bucs’ front office as they had no backup plans should Brady retire.

“It could have been his best year ever” – Bruce Arians counts on Tom Brady’s ability to win another Super Bowl

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

Tom Brady had a sensational season last year. He climbed 5,316 yards for 43 goals and 12 interceptions, and many argued he should have been the MVP instead of Aaron Rodgers. Given Brady’s outstanding performance, it was clear that he would be returning to football, but not in 40 days!

head coach Bruce Aryans He acknowledged the fact that Brady’s return put Tampa Bay back in Super Bowl contention. “The way he played last year, it could have been his best year ever.Aryans said. “No relegation – Week 16, playoffs, it was on fire. And there won’t be any drops this year.

“They know what Tom brought in and we have a chance for another ring. And that’s it. That’s the point.” Aryans said. “It’s all about the ring again. Not reloading, not seeing who’s going to do this, who’s going to do it, how are we going to fit this guy. Everyone knows their role right now.

The 7x Super Bowl champion has an aura that motivates the entire locker room around him to fight for that ring. That’s exactly what Tom Brady did with them in his first season with the Pirates. Now that he’s back, he’ll move heaven and earth to get his 8th ring. And Brady’s performance hasn’t shown any signs of declining, so he could quench his hunger for the best by adding another Lombardi Trophy to his collection.

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