‘GOAT knows how to trap thirst’: Fans react as Tom Brady underwear joke goes too far

Tom Brady He is preparing to become one of the best athletes to market his brand. The quarterback has his own Brady Brand, which is part of Under Armor, the brand has introduced products for today’s generation, from sportswear to sportswear and other modern apparel. The latest underwear from Brady Brand, QB first revealed the new underwear on Instagram and his wife, Gisele, filmed him on the toilet wearing nothing but a pair of panties, a post that left many of us unprepared and left by surprise.

Tom Brady is back today, he tweeted out It’s the latest ad campaign for Brady Brand underwear, but more than the actual ad itself, it’s what QB put in as the headline that surprised us. Brady spends the time of his life playing with people out there tweeting some of the most ridiculous things.

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Tom Brady
Tom Brady is living his best life

A few years ago, when Brady was still a Patriot, he was one of the quietest and most conservative people who barely opened his mouth. Following his move Tampa BayWe’ve seen an entirely new version of the TB12. This man has no chill, no filter, and most importantly, he has a personality unlike anything we’ve seen in New England. This time around, Brady Brand has promised to recreate photos of the two models posing in underwear if his tweet gets 40,000 likes, which is nothing to him and something he’s already accomplished.

Let’s take a look at some of the funniest tweets on the subject!

Please, no, why is this a real tweet?

I didn’t see this coming or how relevant it is but okay?

Ah, the ghost from the past, the picture that will never stop following Tom Brady no matter what he does.

Is it time to delete Twitter?

Did Tom Brady convince Gisele to let him retire with his boxers?

It doesn’t get any weirder than this.

This isn’t Brady. Obviously, this is not it.

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Let’s end on that note, some of the weirdest requests ever, which of these tweets is your favourite? Notify to us!

‘Don’t think it’s real’: Tom Brady’s crazy one-shot hit drives NFL Twitter crazy

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