“Fuck yourself” – Andy Dalton gets ostracized by social media for another terrible performance he lost against the Bucs

Andy Dalton This season looks shaky as QB struggled to maintain consistency. The Saints’ defeat to the Bucs brands Dalton13th consecutive prime-time home game loss.

Saints QB are not able to perform on the big stage, although their performance against the Bucs is somewhat good. The 35-year-old QB threw for 229 yards as he completed 20 of 28 attempts and a touchdown. However, that wasn’t enough for his team to take the win as they lost to the Bucs by a single point.

Credit should be given to the Bucs defense who worked hard throughout the game to keep the Saints’ offense from scoring points. GOAT even though they have Tom Brady In their formation, defense was the true MVP of the game.

Dalton had one of his best performances against the Bucs this season, collecting 8.2 yards per try, but the Saints QB still struggled to throw more than 250 yards for the eighth time in 10 starts this season.

Although in practice, the Saints’ inefficiency in the end zone cost them the game. Dalton made some impressive passes towards the end zone but unfortunately they were not converted and the Saints had to rely on field goals to score points.

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Andy Dalton brutally fried for his lousy performance

Andy Dalton
Andy Dalton

Andy Dalton didn’t have the worst performance of all time, but people need to find a scapegoat or someone to blame for their loss to the Bucs, and it was none other than the Saints QB.

Dalton received a lot of hate on NFL Twitter, with many even starting to insult him because of his race and physical characteristics. Football is the most watched sport in the country with a large number of fans, so a player should be prepared to receive all these comments after a loss.

But some supported the 35-year-old QB and pointed out that the team, not just Dalton, was unproductive. However, his poor record this season is also a testament to the QB not playing that well. NFL Twitter found hilarious memes and creative insults for the Saints QB.

Andy Dalton and the Saints are in a dangerous position right now as they are currently 4th in their league and may think their season is over as they are unable to make it to the playoffs this season. The Saints can still hope for great success by winning their remaining matches.

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