‘A fake case’ Deshaun Watson’s attorney returns to new alleged sexual harassment lawsuit against Browns QB

Deshaun Watson He is currently completing the 11-game ban he received from the NFL for numerous sexual misconduct charges. Recently, another lawsuit was filed against Watson regarding the sexual abuse of an unidentified person.

The identity of the person is not yet known as the case was filed on October 13. Watson’s lawyer opposed the lawsuit as the allegations were baseless and there was no evidence to support them, calling it “false”.

The lawsuit alleges that Deshaun Watson forced the unnamed woman to perform oral sex in a hotel room in December 2020. Although the Browns’ QB’s defense claims that the allegations are false and that the woman loves Watson.

Deshaun Watson’s legal team also submitted screenshots in QB’s defense, alleging that the woman who filed the lawsuit repeatedly texted Watson and filed a lawsuit against her when she didn’t respond.

“Documents provided by the woman show that nearly a year after their massage session together, the woman sent more than 35 messages to Mr Watson – none of which were answered by Mr Watson.” Deshaun Watson’s attorney states.

Watson’s legal team also asked the court not to consider the case as ‘fake’ and to punish the person who brought the case.

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Deshaun Watson hit with another case

Deshaun Watson
Deshaun Watson

2 lawsuits filed Deshaun Watson For sexual misconduct, for which he received an 11-game ban from the NFL. Only two lawsuits are currently open, including the ‘fake’ lawsuit.

Watson’s legal team is quite confident in this case, as they believe their client was right and that the woman filed the lawsuit just to get some money from a collusion.

“This evidence undeniably demonstrates that while this is a case of unrequited love, under no imagination it is a case of assault.” Browns QB’s attorney stated.

Watson’s lawyer posted screenshots of the text messages the mysterious woman had sent, and they included about 35 text messages. Some text messages also revealed that the woman wanted to meet the 27-year-old boy at the same hotel where the incident took place.

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Text messages are sexually explicit. “I have the best head in Houston” He wrote it in September 2021, according to the files.

This is the only case in which Deshaun Watson’s legal team has been able to provide any evidence to prove their client was not wrong, and seek the court to punish the person who brought the case. While Watson appears innocent according to his attorney, the Browns QB still needs to complete his ban and will be present when the Browns face the Houston Texans in December.

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