“Everything but Commanders” NFL Twitter suggests alternative names for Commanders as owner Dan Snyder explores the team’s sales opportunities

Dan Snyder eventually succumbed to pressure and decided to sell the Commanders once and for all. at least this reports to suggest. Snyder reportedly hired Bank of America Securities for the possible sale of the team and made a statement on Twitter about it.

“Snyders remains committed to the team, all of his staff, and countless fans, in continuing to work on putting the best product on the field and setting the gold standard for workplaces in the NFL.” expression aforementioned.

The statement was cryptic and didn’t answer the team owners’ question whether they would sell the team, but with increasing pressure from the NFL and Dan Snyder being investigated by Congress, it could and probably will be forced into their hands. Selling the $5.6 billion team.

Dan Snyder has been accused of sexually abusing female employees at work, and several NFL teams have taken action to force the Commander’s owner to sell the team.

The Commanders’ names had been changed since Snyder’s takeover, since the previous name was considered offensive and racist, hence the Commanders.

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NFL Twitter suggests alternative team names after Dan Snyder sells Commanders

Dan Snyder's Washington Commanders
Washington Commanders may see a change in their name

Commanders’ fans are fed up with Dan Snyder as the team has performed worse since he took over. The team is currently ranked 4th in the NFC East division.

Many fans also wanted to change the name of the team because ‘Commanders’ was outdated and their ideas didn’t suit them. Controversy broke out on Twitter, with many suggesting ugly names like ‘Pigs’ and ‘Pigs’.

While some people suggested great names that would look good for the team, Commanders has always become a joke series that is teased. Take a look at the most interesting name suggestions below.

The team has not been sold yet and Dan Snyder still owns them. While the team is in the last place in their classification, they will face the Vikings in their next match. Maybe when the owner changes the team gets younger and starts to perform well.

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