Deshaun Watson accuser warns girlfriend to ‘stay away’ from ‘sexual aggressor’ who ruined career

star quarterback Deshaun Watson He was banned from the NFL for 11 games after allegations of sexual harassment and assault were made against him by multiple women. His suspension was lifted a few days ago and he has already made his debut as a quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. About two dozen women accused the QB of misconduct during massage sessions.

Earlier this year in January, as reported by Daily Monster, one of the accusers wrote an open letter to his girlfriend, Jilly Anais. He asked the $3 million worth singer, model, and creator to distance himself from Watson and gave his example to support his argument. It should be noted that Anais stood next to Watson like a rock during this time.

Dear Jilly ‘Boss Baby’ Anais. I’ve replaced you before. For years I loved someone who I found attractive, incredibly talented (although not an NFL quarterback), sweet (sometimes), who I thought would fit perfectly into my life plans and would be my life partner.The letter has been read.

He added that Watson had come to his place of work and to my source of funds, ruining his sanity and love for his job, his future, and his career. He wrote that Watson frightened and humiliated him.

Jilly, I’m not a stranger but you still don’t know me. I am a woman who was attacked by your boyfriend. Deshaun Watson came to my only modest source of income at work and destroyed my sanity and my career. It destroyed my love for my job, my trust in strangers, and my foreseeable future. Watson frightened me and tried to satisfy himself at my expense. humiliated me”he wrote.

She concluded the letter by warning Anais to stay away from Watson, who, according to many women, is a sexual predator. “Please, please get away from this man.” Wrote.

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Jilly Anais’ support for Deshaun Watson over the past few months

Deshaun Watson and his girlfriend
Deshaun Watson and his girlfriend

Despite all the sexual allegations, Jilly Anais has always supported Watson and even posted a series of photos on social media showing her supporting her man. She was even criticized on social media for doing this, but that didn’t bother her.

Watson was offered a massive $230 million contract by the Browns to replace him. Baker MayfieldHe made his debut for the team last week and led them to a massive 27-14 win.

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