‘Deserves at least one season suspension’: NFL won’t allow Deshaun Watson to receive short suspension for violating Personal Conduct Policy

Deshaun Watson got a much-needed breather earlier this week as she was able to resolve 20 of the 24 civil lawsuits filed against her for allegedly sexually abusing and misbehaving massage therapists. The quarterback is still not in trouble because he has 4 more cases that he can’t handle any easier. Even if he can handle these, he will have to spend a lot more money to continue.

That’s just the legal aspect, the NFL is still holding a sword to his neck and waiting for the perfect opportunity to come over him with a penalty to discipline him. The Cleveland Browns quarterback has repeatedly defended his innocence to avoid charges, but the league doesn’t seem to be convinced by his statements. The NFLPA (NFL Players Association) is worried that the Commissioner could suspend Watson for one season. Professional Football Network.

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The NFLPA stood by Watson throughout his troubles, calling his massive contract a “landmark” for players:

Deshaun Watson
Deshaun Watson

this Washington Post He stated last week that Deshaun Watson’s camp expects the NFL to reign over the quarterback with an all-season suspension, “Deserves to be suspended for at least one season” and the managers in the Commissioner’s office are probably a “Substantial punishment” for the player.

Cleveland Browns were waiting “long suspensions” for a start, but for the interim, until they have a solid idea of ​​when Deshaun Watson will be available it will have Jacoby Brissett start for them. Falcons receiver Calvin Riddley was suspended for a year for betting $1,500 on his own team. If the penalty is less than that, the league will get a lot of backlash in the public eye.

The NFLPA, on the other hand, has been pro-Watson all this time. They applauded the quarterback’s massive contract with the Browns, which signed him for $230 million with a full 5-year guarantee, even though his availability was a big question mark. NFLPA Chairman JC Tretter praised Q’s win, calling it a “turning point” for other guaranteed contracts in the league.

Deshaun Watson’s representatives negotiated the contract in such a way that the player would not suffer any financial repercussions as a result of any suspension. His side has always expected the worst from the NFL and is operating on the assumption that he will be disciplined for his behavior.

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The Browns can’t hope to do much this season as they have no hope of mending their relationship with former QB Baker Mayfield, who would rather sit on the field all year than step out as a Brown. The team tries to seek trade offers for him, but his guaranteed salary of $18.8 million distracts the teams from trying to involve him. He is expected to be followed by the Seattle Seahawks or the Carolina Panthers. Josina Anderson.

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