Dan Campbell pays tribute to the hard-working staff who did their best to prepare the stadium for the Browns-Bills game

The Buffalo Bills were forced to leave their home ground, Highmark Stadium, as a blizzard ravaged and covered everything with snow. Bills stadium looked like it was straight out of a movie.

Buffalo was hit by a brutal snowstorm that killed two men, and the ground was covered in three feet of snow. Because of this, the Buffalo-Browns game was moved to Ford Field, the Lions’ home stadium.

The Lions staff had a tough job on their hands as they had to prepare for the Browns-Bills game on such short notice. But the staff exceeded expectations and did an outstanding job preparing the site.

Lions HC Dan Campbell He was particularly impressed with the employees and decided to give them a note at the meeting. Press conference. Campbell pointed out that employees took on a difficult task in a much shorter time.

They needed to prepare the stadium for the SNF Browns-Bills game, and staff worked over the weekend to prepare Ford Field for the upcoming game.

Following the Bills-Browns fixture, the Lions will face the Bills on TNF at the same stadium and staff will need to re-prepare the stadium for this fixture. Dan Campbell was grateful to the Lions staff who worked around the clock so we could enjoy a fun NFL game.

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Buffalo Bills’ The host stadium is covered with deep snow, Ford Field temporary home pitches

Buffalo Bills
Highmark Stadium

City bison It was met with a heavy snowstorm, with the national weather service warnings that snow could reach historic heights.

Weather in the city worsened, with reports suggesting that the storm, which is predicted to snow up to 4 feet through Sunday, could last a week or more.

The Bills also had to cancel practice sessions and hold a virtual meeting instead. “The decision to move the game from Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park, New York was made in consultation with the Buffalo Bills and local and state officials as the district prepared for the storm.” stated the NFL.

The Bills are now relaxing at their new temporary home, Ford Field, and will continue to play their games there until the snow subsides. The NFL’s winter fixtures are often more difficult, as battling deep snow and cold requires stamina and courage.

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