College football player Jack Dawson has been arrested for assaulting his former teammate on suspicion of being gay.

We live in the 21st century and problems with homophobia still continue to plague the world. A college football player named Jack Dawson was arrested for assaulting his former teammate John Haynes on suspicion of being gay.

In a federal case against Jack Dawson, University of Troy In Alabama, Haynes accused him of assaulting her several times, some of which were too gruesome to talk about. According to Haynes, Jack Dawson forced him to sodomy with a pool cue and, on a separate occasion, threw several punches at him.

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Jack Dawson surrendered to authorities and was arrested on Monday

The worst thing for John Haynes in all of this was that his college football coaches, knowing the whole situation, did not intervene to help him. three coaches named Brian Blackmon, Jamal Smithand Dayne Brown were also named defendants in the case for failing to act on what could be termed acute homophobia.

Jack Dawson will be blamed for three separate incidents, all occurring in the 2020-21 timeframe. The lawsuit also states that Haynes conveyed his plight to all three of his coaches at a meeting held in November 2020. However, the response claimed by coach Jamaal Smith is truly shocking to say the least.

John, you need to stop doing all this gay crap like getting in bed with other guys and being too nice. The case quotes Smith’s words. “Men don’t like this gay shit. That’s why Jack and the others are bullying you, so you have to kick Jack’s ass.”

Dawson’s lawyer and Troy University have denied all these allegations and will continue to defend their innocence.

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