“Calm down f*ck!” Watch: Cardinals QB Kyler Murray brutally yells at HC Kliff Kingsbury over Cardinals-Saints match disagreement

it is very rare to see kyler murray yell at someone and it’s even rarer to see a QB yell at their HC. The Cardinals were in for a thrilling drama just before the first half.

The Cardinals are currently ranked #4 in the NFC West and are seriously disappointing as they are expected to be the division’s head of the table. And Kyler Murray, The company, which signed a huge contract of 230 million dollars, could not fulfill this value.

This frustration may be why Kyler Murray recently started yelling at HC Kliff Kingsbury over a minor misunderstanding during their fight with the New Orleans Saints. A clip of Kyler Murray recently went viral on social media from Cardinals HC. “Calm down f*ck!”

In the later stages of the first half, HC Kingsbury urged QB to kick the ball out while the Cardinals were trying to play the ball. Instead, Murray opted for a timeout and lost his cool while staying on the sidelines.

Kyler Murray later tried to downplay the event in an interview after he secured a win for the Cardinals against the Saints. “The clock was running out and we couldn’t get out of the game we were trying to run” said Murray. “So it was, I guess it’s my fault. I’ll take it.

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Twitter brutally fried Cardinals QB Kyler Murray for exaggerated shouting at HC Kliff Kingsbury

kyler murray
kyler murray

Kyler Murray’s days with the Arizona Cardinals started with a 3–4 record in the NFL, and if we talk specifically about Murray, he had 1,667 yards and 7 touchdowns in seven games.

Most people think Murray has failed, considering the hefty price tag it brings. While the 25-year-old performed quite well when he led the Cardinals to a win against the Saints, the highlight of the event was Kyler Murray’s outburst.

Cardinals QB got pretty horribly scorched when the clip of him yelling at his HC went viral. Lots of people made jokes about him playing video games, and there were lots of quality memes made on the subject as well.

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