“Boycott Awakened NFL” Twitter reacts ANGRY to league’s handling of Colin Kaepernick, Deshaun Watson and Tim Tebow’s controversies

Every year for some reason the NFL is the center of controversy for its stance on a variety of issues. From Tim Tebow kneeling to god, Colin Kaepernick kneeling to police brutality, and now Deshaun Watson being convicted on multiple sexual misconduct charges, the league has seen that in the past few years. Each of these issues has been living in the minds of the NFL world for some time.

As controversial as all of these actions have been, the NFL’s response to each has been more controversial. Since then, the world has been divided. Each time the NFL issues new penalties, the organization’s past actions are brought up and a new controversy erupts.

The most common precedent spoken about is the NFL’s response to previous ones. Denver Broncos game host Tim Tebow kneeling before and after the games and praying what the internet callsTebowing” and it turned into a trend. Twitter’s next chirpy example is the NFL’s old San Francisco 49ers game host Colin Kaepernick.

The latest reason Twitter is bringing all this up is the perceived mild punishment given to exes. Houston Texan and now Cleveland Browns game host Deshaun Watson After about two dozen charges were brought against him.

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Big discussion on Twitter about the NFL’s handling of Colin Kaepernick, Tim Tebow and Deshaun Watson.

Colin Kaepernick Deshaun Watson Tim Tebow
Colin Kaepernick, Deshaun Watson and Tim Tebow

NFL Twitter passionately discusses all the perceived mistreatment of Kaepernick, as some believe, while others believe Tebow was mistreated, these are the Watson saga fresh from years ago and the world is not happy about it. Battle lines were drawn about each of these issues and barbed words were exchanged and fought to prove their point, and many of the debaters called for a boycott of the NFL. Although the boycott seems unlikely, heated debate continues on Twitter.

The debate continues endlessly. For now, it doesn’t make any difference to the NFL or help Kaepernick or Tebow.

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