“You can’t raise your ticket prices if your team sucks” Charles Barkley turns on “wild mode” as he visualizes himself as NBA Commissioner

Charles Barkley He is one of those people in the NBA world who is not afraid to speak his mind. You can find Barkley talking about teams and players’ performance in the game on TNT, while keeping it realistic in the NBA. In conversation with Bleacher Report’s Taylor CastlesBarkley has discussed numerous issues in the NBA circle, such as his stance on Klay Thompson and his declining athleticism and other enduring issues he would have changed had he been NBA Commissioner.

When Rooks asked Barkley what three things he would have changed in the NBA if he had been the NBA commissioner. Barkley, in his opinion, remained unfiltered. Barkley stated that he will address three issues: ticket prices, load management and the opening of the NBA season.

Many teams have historically underperformed over the past few seasons and still keep their prices as high as before. The former Phoenix Suns star has compared poor-performing teams to bad products, and there’s no point in raising the costs of bad products. In the interview, Charles Barkley also talked about Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and how he wanted to get the NBA to start the All-Star Game.

According to Barkley, the ticket prices of an organization or team should reflect their performance during the season. Chuck suggested, “You can’t raise your ticket prices if you don’t finish above 500… if your team sucks“Maybe Charles is right because many teams have kept ticket prices high despite their terrible performance over the past few seasons.

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Charles Barkley criticizes NBA load management and says he wants to shorten the season

Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley also brought up some issues about the league that he would like to change. Before the Pandemic and Bubble games, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George faced severe criticism for taking a few games off to save themselves after the season. Kyrie Irving has also suspended games, citing personal reasons. Players playing games to manage their bodies have been a hot topic in the NBA for the past two seasons.

Barkley said that in recent developments, NBA players have skipped many games under load management. Load management is not good for the fans and the game, according to Barkley. HE aforementionedYou can’t have load management, it’s not fair to the fans, it’s not fair to the gameBarkley also brought up the fact that sometimes fans save money just to see their favorite basketball players and that load management is unfair to them.

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Chuck also said that if he were the NBA commissioner, he would cut the season from 82 games to the 70s and then not start the season before Christmas. Referring to the popularity of NFL and college football in the US, Chuck said that NBA ratings were significantly affected by them.

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