‘I wish it was DeRozan’ LeBron James and Anthony Davis infuriated watching Russell Westbrook make one mistake after another

The Los Angeles Lakers have lived far from their preseason assumption this year, setting a record 27-33 in 60 games. With the under-25 challenge remaining in the regular season record, their season-finish confidence is no joke. Heading into the year, the alleged “Third Big” association, which includes LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook, should take it on a postseason run. The Lakers couldn’t be trusted to challenge the Warriors and Suns in the Western Conference, but they didn’t expect to see themselves under .500 games these late in the mission.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis are furious at Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook and LeBron James
Russell Westbrook and LeBron James

Those Big Three often neglected to live up to everyone’s expectations.

James was his common self, posting 29 points and eight boards in one game. Tragically, its supporting cast fought back. Davis took damage no matter how much he was on the field. Westbrook, no matter how solid, was extremely lousy at times and became the object of jokes across the NBA.

Anthony Davis and LeBron James
Anthony Davis and LeBron James

The unfortunate game has even prompted video game organizations to change their assessment of the triple double ruler. Things got so dire that his teammates, including James, were supposedly outraged over his choice not to eat Westbrook at trade closing time. .

Fans criticize Russell Westbrook for terrible performance

Frank Vogel and Russell Westbrook
Frank Vogel and Russell Westbrook

In the 123-95 loss, Westbrook shot 5 to 15 and scored 16 points, putting the ball high on the team multiple times. +/ – for the night it was –26.

This is far from the result you would expect someone to pay more than $40 million a year.

As they had another gruesome night on the court, Lakers fans turned to web-based media to voice their disappointment for the previous NBA MVP.

He gave the idea that he was the owner. Jeanie Bus Just watching Westbrook’s unfortunate play on the field was enough, he stood up to leave in the middle of the second half of the last quarter.

Westbrook applauded the analysis, saying he wouldn’t be bringing anything home after the game. All things considered, he feels the Lakers should collectively work harder, neglecting to take on a sense of ownership with their dismal play. These statements make it seem like the scorer can’t care less about what’s going on on the field.

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